Days 9, 10 & 11: A Three-Way to Meeting my Jekyll & Hyde

Days 9 and 10, Saturday and Sunday, or in my case Eat and Sleep…and Day 11: Moanday…

Aside from the delicious ravioli that I prepared; I made a focaccia pizza in the slow cooker. I was on a video call with Eliza, and completely forgot about the bread, which burnt to a crisp at the base and along the edges, so it was kind of flop-paccia. I think the recipe is meant for a large slow cooker, because mine rose quite a bit more than the picture on the recipe. Still, it tasted delicious. I’ll make it again as it is a superb way to use leftovers.

Before: Dough, Canned Tomates, Bacon, Feta, Mushrooms, Green Figt, Jalapenos, Fresh Rosemary and Grated Gouda Cheese

Yummy! I ate the whole thing over two days :O

Yesterday morning, I woke up remembering that I’d put a non-alcoholic beer in the deep-freeze the day before. This is what it looked like when I took it out.

It’s a Boy! Devil’s Penis more like… :O

I had a three-way call with Carmen and Eliza too, which made my heart happy. It is like we’ve lost time in the lockdown.

Carmen asked me, “Is this the first time I’m talking to you since we moved to New Zealand?”

“No girl, we video called when I was in Vic Falls last year.”

“That was when? July?”

“No, November.”

“Oh yeah, right, I was still in South Africa in July…”

I lost over four hours yesterday too. I went for a quick nap shortly after 14:00 and woke up at 18:00. By then my ale had finally melted enough for me to drink it. Few things taste as bad as a watered-down beer, even a non-alcoholic one.

I opened my birthday present from Sarah, and moulded the magnets. I’m very proud of my first attempt. I only thought afterwards that I should have carved something in the back, like a date, or “2020 lockdown”. The moulds were pinched in some parts, which I failed to notice when pouring the plaster, so the final products have those same defects. As Sarah says, “Now they have character.”

I’m going to try and paint them by the end of the week. If I find it an enjoyable endavour, I shall purchase more plaster and moulds from the local craft store (we must support our local entrepreneurs now more than ever) and make some more.

I fired up my Mac intent on doing some #ROAM work for Captain Words, and poof, no screen. It’s been happening for a while now, roughly about a week, but Nathan gave me the know-how to set it right. The know-how didn’t work last night. I could have cried. I had two articles on a deadline for today, that I wouldn’t be able to submit, which means at least R450 in lost revenue. I sent Nathan a message and a plan will be made after lockdown. There is never a hesitation with him to help where he can, and it is one of the reasons that his business will continue to grow.

Given the broken laptop, I had to go into the office today because there is work to be done, and conference calls to be had.

There is talk of lockdown extension. Some newspapers are talking about four months. There is no way our economy will survive. At the office I spoke to Charles, who is of the opinion that the lockdown may be extended, but that on some levels, directives may be relaxed. I hope he’s right.

My anxiety levels are through the roof. I often joke about having multiple personalities, but jokes aside, I feel like I am in a Jekyll and Hyde remake. One moment I feel relatively content, the next I want to cry because the washing isn’t getting dry quickly enough.

Also, what is up with people posting animal cruelty pics on social media? I am not blind to the fact that horrific things happen in certain countries where the citizens will eat just about anything, but spreading such images is not only gut wrenching for those of us who see them, but they also fuel the already-high levels of racism and intolerance towards those nations.

Another thing, if I read one more time that 5G is going to kill us, or Bill Gates is trying to vaccinate Africans with the mark of the beast, or that Donald Trump has said something stupid (again!) I am going to vomit. Even reputable news sites have fallen prey to fake news. One platform had to apologise for its report on Bill Gates’s vaccination strategy – it turns out that his foundation will offer financial aid for testing in Africa.

People are scared, and understandably so. At night, even after a schedule five sleeping tablet, I find myself struggling to fall asleep, because “What if I don’t wake up tomorrow? What will happen to my parents?” or “Are my parents okay? Did they have a warm meal today?” or “Are my friends that live alone coping? If so, are they doing better than I am?” or “Have I told my closest people that I love them?” or “Am I still going to have a job once this is all over?”. It’s agonising on a level that I cannot begin to explain.

Then you will get Covidiots like the man who made a video and uploaded it to social media claiming that testing kits are infected. This, a day or two before our government rolls out national screening in an attempt to contain the spread of this disease. He will be arrested and jailed for spreading fake news.

The rain is gently falling outside, signalling to my spirit that it’s time to take a break. I’m exhausted.

PS: It’s my friend, and follower, Evangeline’s birthday today! Happy Birthday, Darling. I hope your day has been filled with happy things and hopefully cake. (Sorry for this depro post on your special day.)

Baker: Pinterest… I don’t think Evangeline needs all those candles 😀

PPS: I had no coffee over the weekend; hence no coffee mug pictures. Lack of caffeine my also be contributing to my short temper and lockdown blues. I had a cup now!

‘Til tomorrow… stay safe, tell your peeps you love them and mean it! Ten more days, and counting (we hope!)

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