Days 12 and 13: Pets Control

Yes, you read right. I did not have a dyslexic moment. The major portion of this post is going to be about my friends’ pets, and how furry, feathered, and scaled companions have made lockdown easier for many, including myself.

For those of you that are inclined to have Seriously-Sensitive-Susan moments, a great deal of this post is written tongue-in-cheek. The idea is not to offend, but to bring humour, and hope. Please read (and accept) it in that way.

Yesterday was a quiet day, in which I got much work done. I’m not logged in all day, but it feels to me like I get more done now than I do at the office. The Cave is tidier too because in between work, I can quickly pop in a load of laundry or do the dishes. I also started painting the magnets, but there is a slight tremor in my hands, making it difficult to stay within the lines.

As Cousin Lola (the artist of the family) pointed out: It’s cheerful enough…

The street where I live was eerily quiet, so much so that I heard my neighbour across the road’s clock chime at eleven ‘o clock. I made myself a cup of coffee in my Milan mug and shared it with my Italian colleagues in a show of solidarity.

Andrea Boccelli will be performing from this cathedral on Easter Sunday free of charge.

Supper was a humble grilled cheese and tomato with some Lay’s crisps, because I have no potatoes. Even if I did, I honestly had no inclination to peel, nor fry them.

This morning I worked in Prague, drinking out of the mug Steve brought back for me when he attended a Herbalife extravaganza there a few years back. My other neighbour thought it fitting to whistle The Chicken Song while tending his garden this morning; of all things! Clearly lockdown is getting to everyone on some level.

I’m on a loan Mac now 🙂 I miss the bigger screen – don’t let anyone tell you two inches doesn’t make a difference.

Some of my friends have been sharing photos of their pets with me during lockdown. These pics have made me smile and have offered comfort in a way I don’t think the sharers realise. It got me thinking about something different for lockdown day, lucky number thirteen, so I put a post of Facebook asking friends to share photos of their pets with me and allow me to share them. The response was somewhat overwhelming, but every photo has evoked a response within me. I’ll admit, I was expecting the usual dogs ‘n cats ‘n birds, but there are all sorts, including snakes, squirrels and dragons. Oddly, no fishtank photos. I hope my fishy-friends haven’t decided to experiment with guppy-sushi. Also, no rabbit photos… I hope nobody is eating homegrown-rabbit-homemade-stew.

Given the number of photos, and the time it would have taken to upload them individually, I originally had collages in mind, but then I thought, there are so many amazing caption opportunities, that single photos must be uploaded. My employer has kindly sponsored some data in order for me to work from home, so I don’t want to abuse the privilege.

Instead I bought a rush one-day bundle and voila – an amazing spread of love, laughter and four-legged (well mostly) joy for all of you to enjoy! I know many of the names of these delightful animals, but will, as always, use fictional names in my blog, just in case any of you reading this fall in love with one of these cutie-pies and decides to become a pet-napper post-lockdown. Be ready for a cuteness overload!

This little squishy face belongs to Jess. Her name is Josephine (don’t read her collar!) She’s saying, “Hey Handsome, how’s about a little lockdown fun?”
This is Josephine’s boyfriend, Napoleon. “Not tonight, Jospehine!”
This is Cuddles. She lives with Napoleon and Josephine. She doesn’t need ‘lockdown fun’. She’s having a staring contest with, well, anyone reading this post right now.
This blind little suntanner, Beachbum, belongs to Cathryn. She says he talks. Anyone else hearing voices during lockdown?
Ivory and Ebony belong to Lisha and her hubby. They are sad because they have nothing to bark at 😦 They’re Dr Who fans though.
Ebony is here with Karen (that IS her real name), because in Lisha’s words, “she’s always complaining to the management.”
I love African Greys because they are great talkers, but I’m not sure if I’d want to be home all day with one. Meet TalkTooMuch. He lives with Ebony, Ivory, Karen and some other hens.
This is Barry – ‘ons gaan NOU braai!’ Does anyone else notice no meat on the fire yet? Barry is a fighter – he survived a puffadder bite when he was a puppy.
This is Barry’s housemate, Tiny. Everything Barry does, he does – like pretend to be laundry. They belong to Irene and her family.
This is Stitch. She belongs to Donna. She has a equine brother. She’s looking for a mate post-lockdown. Look at her showing off her goods. Thank goodness she doesn’t have giant balls! She like, “Imma just gonna lie here ’til some ‘un notices.”
Iain does NOT belong to Daenerys Targaryen.
This is UpsideDownCat. I’m sure Dr. Seuss could write a rhyme about him. He belongs to Sarah and her husband.
Here lie Aphrodite and Atlas, both in love with lockdown, while their humans carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. They are UpsideDownCat’s feline housemates.
You’re not losing your mind. This cat is at the beach. She belongs to Jason Momoa. Just kidding, This beauty belongs to Janet and her family. Apparently she loves the beach. Of course you do, Poseidon – what cat wouldn’t love a gigantic sandbox?
Well, Karen won’t be complaining to the manager anymore…
Cujo here belongs to Daphne and her husband.
This is Daphne’s other dog, Pool Noodle.
Unlike her killer housemate, she is a vegan
I don’t know which snake is which. One is called Rambo, the other is called Emerald.
Methinks their owners, Annette and her family are safe from any lockdown break-ins.
This is the other snake. Did someone say, “Sssssshhhhhhnnnnooooozzzzzzeeeee?”
Also a member of Annette’s menagerie, meet Raucous.
Annette, seriously… Star Wars called. They want Chewbacca back.
This is the last photo of Annette’s pets. Her name is Black Magic, because she is well, black, and cats are well, magic.
No country scene is complete without a rooster and some hens.
Meet Roger, Theresa and Silvana.
I imagine there is no need for an alarm clock during lockdown in Veronica and Peter’s house.
This is Bomber. He is out herding Roger and the girls, to protect them from Cujo.
The name’s Bond, James Bond.
This spy belongs to MI 6.
I have no idea whether or not Randall is allowed on the bed, but he’s the bleeding epitome of innocence now, praying paws and all.
Staying with Rottweilers, meet Mitch and Magnum.
Their reptilian companions are Rascal and Santa.
This is the REAL Cookie Monster.
He lives in the house with the Rotties and the dragons.
He’s famous! He even has his own Facebook page.
This is Sir Donald. He is a Burr-mese…
He lives in South Africa’s “Paris”…
Okay, I’ll admit, I am totally besotted with pugs.
Little Cracker here, seeks warmth and attention all the time. She’s likely snoring loudly too.
And the tree-climber award of the lockdown goes to: Little Man Tree Hugger.
Mmmmmmooooooooommmmmmm! Can I eat my brother?
(Yes, this cat, Mona, does have cannabilistic tendencies according to Susan, her owner)
No, Mona! Not without fava beans and chianti!
Little Man Tree Hugger found Sarge the Squirrel. He lives with Susan and her family.
Mona has not tried to eat him. Guess he doesn’t taste like chicken?
“Fuck it,” says Ostrich, the last of Susan’s pets. “Wake me up when lockdown’s over.”
Human, I need a pawdicure.
This is Britney. She has attitude when she’s awake.
This is Britney’s brother, Blaze. His mama, Cate, says he’s a social butterfly.
To me, he looks like he’s ready to run a mile!
Hello, from New Zealand. My name is Saphire.
I’m trying to get my mama to let me on her lap. Help me!
No space on Mama’s lap, Saphire… Spirit beat you to it.
While we’re introducing ourselves, my name is Bianca.
I live in the UK with my owner, Savannah, and my play-mate called, Desdemona.
Do not doubt, Cassio,
But I will have my lord and you again” (after lockdown). Yes, that’s Desdemona.
This is Luna. She fell asleep before the Pink Moon…
Where are the law-breakers,” asks Tuffster. “I’ve only eaten one today…
According to Leonie, this regal lady’s name is indeed Princess Snout.
Tuffster is her palatial bodyguard.
My name is Smiley. I live in Limpopo. I still have my front teeth.
I am Smiley’s brother. I am also not a Capetonian. I like biltong and puple hippos.
My name is Toshiba. My printer ran out of ink while I was eating a stolen purple hippo.

Thank you for taking the time to trudge through this uber-long post. I hope these pets have made your lockdown a little less stressful. Last, but not least, remember that if you’re fortunate enough to have a pet, like Kassandra below, that they offer comfort and cuddles, and that you cannot contract COVID-19 from them. Love your pets as much as they love you!

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