Be Prepared!

As a former Brownie and Girl Guide, Be Prepared! is something I’m supposed to know…

I went to the gym for a PT session for the first time in almost three months.  I finished the hour, although I felt at one stage that my legs would give way from under me.  Steve, my trainer and a long-time friend noticed I was taking strain and told me he always has a plan; in my case, if I did keel over he’d just yank my ponytail to keep me upright.  I couldn’t help but laugh and call him a caveman.


Today I will be better prepared.  I have already started drinking water and I will remember to take water to the gym because while there is a fountain there, I can’t use the thing.  Somehow, I always manage to spurt water into my eye or onto my shirt, while my mouth stays dry.  I will eat something protein-based before I leave, and after my workout, I will have a Herbalife shake to recover.

About the world’s number one meal-replacement shake, I must get back on the wagon – my business has taken a complete nose-dive and I have only myself to blame: I’ve been lazy and full of excuses.  The buck stops here!  My goal is to get seriously active with marketing again from February 1st and live the use, wear, talk strategy to grow my business and to (at the bare minimum) regain my Supervisor status.

I will also soak in a hot bath tonight because I know that not being stiff today is a sure sign that the lactic-acid-imps are conspiring against me to ensure I will be walking like John Wayne tomorrow.  Maybe I should ride the wave and come to work wearing a cowboy hat.  I’m sure it would raise a few smiles.

Hee-ha, followers… have a Wild Wednesday!


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