On Moving ‘n Things that Motivate Me

I must vacate The Cave by the 31st, which is still a week and some days away, but this moving in installments has me at my wits’ end, so two angels from my day job are going to come and help me pack the last ‘kaggel kakkies’, and then we’re going to hunker down and give the place a good clean. If all goes according to plan, maybe I can finalize the move by the end of the weekend – here’s hoping!

Being a sentimental person by nature, it is incredibly difficult to part with the possessions that friends have given me, but I’ve had to be ruthless in getting rid of the excess. I’ve donated clothes and some small appliances to a family that lost their home in a fire, and I’ve put a lot of stuff in the trash, and still, I have too much stuff. I am learning the lesson now, at the ripe age of forty-something, that it isn’t necessary to have five pairs of black pants or a wristwatch to match almost every outfit or two and a half dozen champagne flutes – although granted, if I do live the life I’m destined to, I will be sipping Mimosas with my besties for breakfast, lunch and supper dahling.

Not much has happened this week, to be honest. I have finally worked through my inbox, which was bulging when I returned to the office on Monday. I’m also almost through the mountain of filing that appeared on my desk while I was still sleeping late and not having to wear a bra every day.

Nikita and I are starting a wellness challenge next month, and I just signed up for The Good Health Revolution online summit. Access is free here, but you can upgrade to an amazing VIP package if you want. I’m sure that I am going to be well-motivated and learn some new skills which I can use in the challenge Nikita and I will be doing. That challenge is 60 days, so I am going to be leaner, less stressed, happier, and more radiant, when I board the MSC Orchestra with my parents on April 7th. It’s only 78 days away!

Oh, I almost forgot – along with new skills, I am going to try my hands at painting. A very good friend of mine, and another friend of hers, are hosting a workshop called, Words to Paint. It’s R450, which includes all the materials needed to create one’s personal artwork, along with bubbly – and the best of everything is, no experience is required! If you’re in the Garden Route and want to join us, drop a comment on this post and I’ll put you in touch with the organizers. Elizabeth says she wants to come to watch the rest of us paint while she just sips. While I have a ‘picture brain’, I’m not artistically inclined at all – words are more my thing, but I’d much rather spend the money on an experience, than another pair of pants.

Until next time, do more of what makes you happy, and remember to be kind. Sometimes a simple smile or a text to a friend can be the difference between a bad day and a good one.


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