Rain, Soup and Handcuffs

Just before the annual arrival of the Northerners to our little town last December, the municipality imposed water restrictions due to continuously lowering dam levels.  For me, it isn’t such a serious thing, because I’m at work during the day and the most water I use is to shower daily Continue reading

Blessed by Rain



(Picure from katrinleblondblog.com)

“You heavens above, rain down righteousness; let the clouds shower it down. Let the earth open wide, let salvation spring up, let righteousness grow with it; I, the LORD, have created it.”

Isaiah 45:8

On Tuesday night I was visiting with friends when out of nowhere lightning began to light up the sky and thunder roared.  Seconds later it was raining.  Hard!  I grew up on the Highveld so I love a good thunderstorm, but here in theCape, they are few and far between.  I still said to everyone that this storm signified the first winter rain, the proper change of the seasons.  While we have had a few cold days, winter hadn’t really set in.  Well, it has now.  Jack Frost has set up camp and while I’m not one for the cold, I love the wet weather.  It has been raining on and off since I left for work this morning.  Aptly “Let it Rain”, by Michael W Smith keeps making an appearance on my random playlist today too.  I am just feeling so good – the floodgates of Heaven are open and the rain is cleansing and renewing and God is raining His blessings down on me.  What a wonderful day it is! 

I want to be the woman in the photo above.  I want to dance in the rain, with my head and hands lifted to Heaven, celebrating God’s goodness – celebrating the change He’s made in my life, celebrating His abundant blessings that I so often take for granted.


Quick Pop In…

It is freezing here on Freedom Day.  For those of you non South Africans reading this post, 17 years ago on this day South Africa had its first democratic election and elected Nelson Mandela as President of the Republic.  Our next Presidential election takes place next month, on the 18th.

My new job has been keeping me extremely busy, hence my absence from BlogLand, but hopefully I will be able to blog more regularly soon.  There is just so much to learn at the moment, that I need to focus.

If you read my previous post, I mentioned my nomination for a Versatile Bloggers Award.  According to the rules, I’m supposed to reveal seven random things about myself:

1)  I made soup for the first time in my life this past Monday.  Seriously.

2)  One of my biggest indulgences is food magazines.

3)  My bedroom is black, white and red.

4)  I detest Bovril and Marmite

5)  I hate wearing slippers, but will walk in my socks all the time.

6)  Building jigsaw puzzles is how I get through the winter evenings.

7)  I love drinking liqueur in my hot chocolate

I am also supposed to tag various bloggers, but I just don’t have the time at the moment.  Sorry guys!

Have to run – planning to do for work tomorrow 🙂

‘Til later…

Passport ‘n Visa Woes

At last!  Dad hears on Monday afternoon that the Nigerian Embassy have released his passport, visa approved and that it will be sent off to the agents in Cape Town, acting on behalf of his employer.  The latter inform him that his passport would be with him by yesterday afternoon at 15:00.  Needless to say, it didn’t arrive – because someone there forgot to put it in the courier bag!  We are however assured that it will be here today as it will be dispatched on a same day courier service.  This results in us frantically contacting his office to change his flights from Wednesday to Thursday – no problem there, done in a flash. 

Anyhow, we wait and wait and wait, until I eventually become impatient and contact the sender for the waybill number, “it was dispatched this morning, the waybill number is xxxx xxxxx xxxx.”  Jolly good.  I contact the courier office this side who tell me it was dispatched and is marked for same day delivery, we will receive it tonight.  Looks like things are finally falling into place when not fifteen minutes later, the local office phones back to tell me that the airport is closed due to heavy fog and the plane was returned to Cape Town, with the passport on board.  I am ready to commit  hari-kiri! 

The poor girl that side could hear the desperation in my voice and assured me that someone is already on their way back to Cape Town International Airport to pick up the passport and put it on a van that will be coming through to George this evening, so that we can pick it up tomorrow morning at Sparrow’s Fart as dad is flying out at just after nine and with the mad rush, we obviously have to be there quite a bit before the time.

I am at the end of my tether already – why couldn’t he just be placed back in Malaysia or Singapore, where he doesn’t need a visa.

Less drama means smiles for everyone…not so?


For those of you who don’t know what FFF stands for…

Freaking Freezing Friday

Yesterday, as I was dashing out the office door, Sharon told me that I could work from home today as the heavy wind and rain expected today would result in a non-harvest. Yay!

So, after dinner with Carmen and Ewan last night, which was a success, despite the fact that I couldn’t find ricotta cheese, nor chunky cottage cheese to substitute, I snuggled under the covers thinking, “Hmmm, at least I can sleep a little later tomorrow morning before I have to get my car to the garage for its service.”

No such luck. As true as nuts, I was wide awake at 05:30 this morning. I tried to will myself to get just a few more winks, but to no avail.

I got dressed, went downstairs in the icy, wet weather and took all the stuff out my car. I found a box with my certificates in the boot, as well as shoes (this is not unusual) and two bras. They are mine, but why they are in my car is a mystery. I know what some of you may be thinking, but no, it wasn’t wild-backseat-sex-with-a-stranger, and not because the thought hasn’t crossed my mind, it’s because I drive a Corsa Lite. There is no space for that kind of adventure.

Dropped the car off, into the courtesy car with a garage driver, when bam!, we are into the back of a bakkie. Thank goodness I had my seat belt on. While according to the traffic law, it is the rear driver’s fault, the guy in front of us had his indicator on to turn right and so we inched past wanting to turn left and he turned in front of us. There is a little ding on his bakkie, but the car we were in wasn’t as tough.

I eventually got home just before nine and started working on those job profiles I mentioned yesterday. What a mission!

Fortunately I’m able to ward off the cold by being under the covers and popping into the kitchen every now and then for something warm, like creamy hot chocolate.

The night out on the town is still planned for tomorrow night. Let’s hope this town is ready for Conflunky Me…