7 Bad Habits of Highly Effective People

I received this article in my inbox yesterday and thought that it is well worth discussing. 

7 Bad Habits of Highly Effective People

Lili Radloff has made some valid points, to which I would like to add, if I may.


1.    Driving recklessly: This past weekend a drunken driver took the lives of two innocent children in the town I live in, leaving the other driver in a coma and another child in hospital.  Not only is it reckless to drive under the influence, but it is simply stupid.  One of my colleagues updated her Facebook status last night saying that this accident has caused many people to think about a number of things, yet the one thing that seems to be lost on some people is buckling up their children, whether it is for a quick pop-round the corner, or for a long trip.  Elizabeth and I saw a little girl (she couldn’t have been older then three) hanging out of the front passenger side window, while the driver was waiting for the light to change.  What is someone had accidentally driven into the back of that car? 

Another form of driving that I find extremely reckless is people who fail to use their indicators.  Seriously, it doesn’t take any effort at all to flip it up or down to show what your intent is.  Yesterday on my way home, I was nearly taken out by a driver who simply swerved in front of me.  Had (s)he put her indicator on, I could have slacked off and not have had to drive on the shoulder of the road.

 2.    Always being connected: I love my Blackberry.  Really I do.  But I also know that it’s bad manners to text in company or talk on my phone in a restaurant.  Nothing irks me more than someone who phones and when I don’t answer, they leave me a snotty voicemail, “I don’t know why you have a phone.”  You know what Bozo, that phone is for MY convenience, not yours!

3.    Not appreciating food: When I read this heading I thought “who doesn’t appreciate food?” but Lili has a point.  In today’s rushed lifestyle, Moms are often too tired to make a nice meal, or sometimes it is simply too expensive to do so.  One thing I’ve learnt though is that any food is good when paired with great company.  So, grab your family and have a meal around the table, not the TV.

4.    Skimping on sex: Our body needs those feel-good hormones that are released during sex.  If more people were getting nookie, there would be a lot less negativity around.

5.    Not sleeping enough:  I got an email from a friend that said, “you life depends on your dreams, so go to sleep now.”  It is quite a true sentiment.  Sleep is important, even more so is uninterrupted sleep – so switch your phone off every now and then and get a good night’s rest.  You’ll be amazed at how good you feel…and you’ll probably be up for some seriously good nookie.  Your partner will be happy…

6.    Seeing your kids as a chore:  I don’t have children yet, but I can’t believe that there are some people who see their children as a chore.  Don’t they realize the gift they have been given?  There are so many couples that would like children, but that aren’t able to have…

7.    Turning into a recluse: Lili is right!  Nothing beats the human touch or the sound of real people laughing out loud.  So, as nice as it is to have 300 friends on Facebook, get out and spend time with the ones who are close by, because the chances are, some of those 300 friends haven’t visited your profile in months.

Day Five: Six Places

I haven’t had much access to the Internet lately, hence only getting around to updating my blog now…

Continuing with the Challenge…

Six Places:

1. I am in love with Singapore. I have visited the country twice, the first time just after the tsunami hit Thailand in 2004, and then again with my parents in 2009. If I could land a job there tomorrow, I would leave South Africa at the drop of a hat – I love the people, the mix of buildings old and new, the culture, the food and the fact that it is so clean. I am definitely going to visit the country again – hopefully sooner rather than later.

2. Argentina – I already have the brochures…so now it’s time to start saving for the holiday.

3. Montagu – this quaint little village town in the Western Cape of South Africa has an attractive charm about it. It also holds fond memories of the Rugby World Cup 2007 and a girls’ weekend the following year, which helped me get through a shocking break-up. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it is freezing in winter.

4. Cape Town – without a doubt one of the most beautiful places on this earth – from Table Mountain, to Simon’s Town, to Boulders Beach, to the V&A Waterfront, to Kirstenbosch, to Hout Bay – the city is alive with culture, food, sunshine and some really gorgeous men.

5. New York – while I have only ever read about the “City that Never Sleeps” or seen it on TV, part of me wants to sit under a tree in Central Park, sipping a coffee from Starbucks while I show off my purchases from Saks 5th Avenue. I want to see a Broadway show too…

6. Home – it’s where my heart is. It doesn’t matter what the building is, if my family and friends are close by, that’s where I want to be.

Day Three: Eight Fears

I am not going to elaborate too much on this topic because I don’t want to dwell on it for too long…

I don’t fear death, but I do fear dying by either drowning, fire or suffocation.

If it has more than four legs, I’m scared of it – except if it is a praying mantis, then I feed it jam with a teaspoon.

Being alone – I can handle my own company for a day or two, three at most and then I need another breath in the house.

 Being involved in a car accident where someone is killed and I survive.  I don’t handle guilt well at the best of time; I don’t want to have to try to deal with Survivor’s Guilt.

Finding out that I might not be able to have children.  I want to be a mom one day – I love children.

My parents getting Alzheimer’s Disease – I can’t imagine what it would be like to have them not knowing who they are or who I am. 

Confined spaces, lifts in particular – this stems from an incident when I was six and was stuck in a lift with my mother for almost 24 hours before someone heard our cries for help.  Ever since then, I will rather take the stairs.

Being raped.  Enough said…

I’m looking forward to the next bit of this challenge – Seven Wants, because then I can share my indulgent dreams with all of you 🙂

Day Two: Nine Loves

Nine Loves…

I uhm’ed and ah’ed about this one quite a bit, but I realized I have more than nine – deciding on the top nine was the difficult bit. 

  1. My Parents

Yes, yes, it probably sounds so clichéd, but it’s the truth.  Without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today.  They still chide me when I do something wrong, but are supportive of me in every way.  I sometimes think about what life will be like when they’re gone, and it breaks my heart – the time we have is so precious…

  1. My friends and Some of my Family…

 …Most of them anyway, although honestly, I love some a lot more than others. 

 I can count on a single hand the really awesome friends I have (and this is in no particular order) – there is Kerry in Jo’burg – no matter how much time goes by without us seeing each other, we are always able to pick up where we left off, and she is always there when I need to talk. 

Elisabeth is another top-notch friend – sure, there are days when she makes me so angry I’d like to throttle her, but I will never find another friend like her – she is loyal, caring, always willing to listen, and always around with a helping hand to help plan or clean up after a get-together.  I love the way she always brings me back to earth – even though the ride is sometime bumpy.  She said to me one day that I am her “honourary sister” and that made me feel so special. 

Geri & Dan in Durbs – who strangely enough are friends I met online (in a trivia chat room).  We met in person in November 2002 and just gelled so well.  They have two gorgeous kids and they are always willing to open their home to me.  They were Godsends in January when we had our car accident – the towing company wouldn’t come and get us out until we paid the money upfront – (really now, talk about unreasonable), but when I phoned Dan and Geri with the details, they didn’t hesitate to immediately transfer the cash and get us sorted.

Cousin Lara – while we live in the same town, and don’t see each other as often as we should, when we do, well, there are always tears – tears from laughing so much that our tummies ache. 

That’s not all of them, but if I have to list everyone – this will end up being a thesis-long post. 

  1. Books

I cannot function without books.  Sure, the Kindle is a great invention, but to me, there is nothing like the feel of turning a page to find out whodunit.  I have been gifted some old books over the years, and there is something magical about the smell of the yellowing pages that makes me wonder what those books had seen before they landed on my shelf.  My love of reading is something I inherited from Mom (another reason I love her… Dad on the other hand doesn’t understand why I spend a fortune on books that I am only going to read once…) 

  1. Cooking

While I am by no means a foodie like some of the blogger friends I have, I do love being in the kitchen rustling up something to eat.  Mom has a number of kitchen gadgets, which makes the exercise all the more entertaining.  I am totally in love with (her) Russell (Hobbs Bread Machine).  I have mastered a Cottage Cheese and Herb Bread and on Sunday I made a Trail Mix Wholewheat Loaf (it was almost perfect, except that all the raisins were on the outside of the loaf.  Generally I am not a bad cook (well, nobody has died from anything I’ve made), but heaven knows, I am definitely not a contender for Masterchef… 

  1. Writing

I have been blessed with a vivid imagination, a knack for telling a story, and a love of words – this combination has grown into a love of writing.  I enrolled for a novel-writing course with the South African Writers’ College.  I am loving every minute of it and I am so inspired because the feedback I have been getting from my tutor has been constructive, but always positive.  One of my dreams to be on the New York Bestseller’s List – who knows, maybe this is the beginning of realizing that dream. 

  1. Children and their Innocence

Even though I don’t have any of my own, I love children.  I love their innocence – like a friend of mine’s daughter telling the minister’s wife that she has big nose.  Her mom is cringing with embarrassment, yet the little one doesn’t realize that she has just committed a social faux pas. 

  1. A Good Red Wine

Elisabeth and I hadn’t been friends long, but she took it upon herself to turn me into a red wine drinker – and I love her for it!  There have been countless evenings when I have polished off a bottle with either her or another friend – and always felt better for it.  A spicy Shiraz on a frosty evening wards off the cold – and what’s better, the empty bottle doesn’t tell secrets… 

  1. Rainy Weekends

 Because then I don’t have to find an excuse to lay in bed all day watching DVD’s or reading a book or working on my novel.

  1. Chocolate

It doesn’t matter what shape, size, form or colour – if it is chocolate, I love it.


Day One: 10 Secrets

I have to get back into blogging!  The intention is there, but to actually sit down and get a post done is the problem…work really keeps me busy and in the evenings I am pretty much to pooped to sit in front of the PC for another hour or so.  But, I need to, so I’m going to – even if it means that I have to blog from bed…

An update of one of the blogs I follow was in my inbox this morning and it looks like it very well may be the kick up the bum that I need to get my blog going again…

It is a daily challenge which requires me to write a piece for ten consecutive days, starting with ten secrets about myself.

It is a daily challenge which requires me to write a piece for ten consecutive days, starting with ten secrets about myself.

  1. I am secretly in love with CSI detectives – for years I was absolutely besotted with David Caruso, but I’m over him; his fixation with his sunglasses now gets on my nerves.  I find Eddie Cahill (Detective Flack in CSI: NY) absolutely gorgeous – must be those blue eyes…
  1. I want to be Dr Who’s companion.  But then David Tennant must be the Doctor.  I will always be thankful to my friends Lisa and Leon for introducing me to the Doctor.  There would be a huge gap in my heritage had they not.
  1. I have a love of peanut butter in any shape or form – even ice-cream.  Just the other day I bought myself a tub of peanut butter swirl ice-cream from Woolies and even though it is way too cold for ice-cream, I sneak a teaspoon or two into my mouth after supper.  No-one else is allowed near my ice-cream.
  1. I wish someone would find me (or I, him!) that loves me for who I am, how I am, no matter what.  I’m tired of being alone.  This feeling is exacerbated every time I hear friends of mine are getting married, or those who are, are having kiddies, or I catch the bouquet at a wedding – just last week I caught my third consecutive bouquet – not a good hat-trick to have.
  1. By the time I went to school at the age of six, I still couldn’t tie my shoelaces.  Seriously.
  1. The quickest way to get me to fall asleep in front of the TV is to put David Attenborough on – there is something about his voice that puts me to sleep.
  1. If I could, I would eat Italian food every day.  The passion and love that goes into Italian cooking makes it tastier.  I would love to tourItalyon a little Vespa scooter from North to South sampling the food – not caring about the weight I will undoubtedly put on.
  1. I am fascinated by snakes and crocodiles – particularly when they come packaged as shoes and handbags. 
  1. I love big band music.
  1. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a teacher – when I hear on the news what happens in schools these days, I’m relieved I’m not.

Simply Sublimly Divine…

…spent Saturday night with Mary and Martin and was treated to this:

It was absolutely H.E.A.V.E.N.L.Y!

Thursday night they are coming round here for dinner, along with Rachel and Kyle.  Elizabeth might join us if a friend of Greg’s doesn’t stay over at her place for the memorial service on Friday.

Module Five of my writing course has been emailed to my tutor, hopefully I will have my results before the weekend 🙂