I Need YOUR Help! Yes, You!

I should write more. That’s the consensus among the close friends I have that read my blog.  It’s not that I don’t want to write, it’s more a case of The Muse being a bigger hibernator than I am.  But, they’re right *sssshhhh don’t tell them I said that*; I’m not doing what I love on a daily basis.


In an attempt to write more, an in so doing, pursue my passion – whether poetry, prose or anecdotes – I’m going to need help. Please would every one of you that reads this particular entry, leave a comment of what you’d like me to write about – it can be anything – I will do my utmost best to do right by you.

So, who’s first?

Looking in the Mirror, 10 Years Ahead

I am somewhat uninspired.  It is possibly a combination of the mountain of flu meds I’m on and the dismal windy, wintry weather outside.  The fact that it is only Bruno (our accounts bloke) and I in the office today doesn’t help matters either. 

As I drove to work this morning I thought to myself, “I want to blog, but I really don’t have anything to blog about.  So I opted for the Plinky prompt of the day which is:

“10 years from now, what do you hope your life will be like?”

Well, given the fact that ten years from now, I will already be 40, I hope to be settled, in a home of my own, with a husband, a child (or two), and a cat.  Part of me feels lost because at 30, I have only had 2 really serious relationships, both of which ended in disaster.  Every time I find someone I’m interested in, I screw it all up because I come on too strong.  “Hard to get” is a concept I have yet to understand, let alone master.

Besides the proverbial family ‘n white-picket-fence-scene, I know that I don’t want to be working at the farm anymore.  Farming has to be in one’s blood and it definitely isn’t in mine.  Don’t misunderstand me, I like the people I work with, I am just not overly fond of the job.  Hell, one would have thought that by 30, I would already know what I wanted to be doing.  Wait!  I do know what I want to do – write.  But I also am enough of a realist to know that the likelihood of my work ever being published is slim to none.

My second choice is to own a glamourous gourmet sandwich shop.  This stems from my obsessive fascination with food magazines.  Ironically enough, I only cook when I’m really in the mood, and I’m only really ever in the mood when I know there will be guests.  And when I know there will be guests, I generally go the whole hog and prepare a themed (usually three-course) meal.  A while ago, with the help of another blogger, http://browniegirlblog.wordpress.com, I entertained guests with a Moroccan evening.  It was a huge success with the menu being:

Mezze Platter

Ciabatta Bread

Pecan and Raisin Bread

Three Cheese Bread Sticks

Pita Wedges



Rosa Tomatoes


Herbed Feta

Calamata and Queen Olives

I am a huge Hummus fan – I love it on seed loaf with cheese.  Elizabeth asked for some to take home so that she could have it on some fresh bread her Mom had baked.

Main Course

BG’s North African Baked Chicken Tagine – WOW!  Really colourful and delish!

BG’s Jeweled Couscous – I don’t think I will ever cook rice again.  Couscous is so easy.  I didn’t have spring onions that the recipe called for, but I just chopped in a bit of green pepper…

Moroccan Carrot and Orange Salad – DIVINE!  And from me that is a compliment, because I don’t eat carrot salad at the best of times.

Steamed Courgettes – I was supposed to make Courgette Fritters for a starter, but was pressed for time (actually I was enjoying the music so much,I didn’t see what the time actually was), so I just shoved them in the steamer with Salt ‘n Pepper.  Perfect!


Lemon and Rosemary Cake, with Greek Yoghurt – Even though when I made it on Monday night already (the longer it stands, the better the texture and taste), I burnt the top of the cake to a cinder, I managed to save enough and it was lovely.  The Greek Yoghurt was such a lovely accompaniment.    


As Morocco is a predominantly Islamic country, and they do not drink alcohol, I decided to be as authentic as possible and served only orange juice and BG’s minted citrus water, which will be something that there will be a permanent supply of in our fridge as it is super-refreshing.

 I also know that in 10 years time I will be driving a status car.  Preferably a Mercedes, but I’d settle for a Lexus too.  I was hoping to already be driving my status car, but I’ve made some bad life choices which forced me to delay this specific goal.

So, who knows, 10 years from now I may very well be a glamourous-gorgeous-gourmet-sandwich-shop-owner, as well as a married-Mercedes-driving Mom.

Sounds like a good plan, if you ask me. 


Creative Writing: Fire

This is a repost of an entry from my old blog:

Bronzen Orange
with a hint of
Sensual Scarlet

Their tango
entices me
The passion

They lick-
They tease-
They want-
They take-
each other

“Sweetheart, dinner’s ready…”

“Coming Love. I was just mesmerized by the dancing flames in the fireplace.”

The fire crackles
Our hands touch
It’s been a while…

The mood is set
Music’s on
We dance

A passionate tango
Fueled by flames
of lust

He licks,
I tease,
We want
We take
each other

onto the white rug in front of the fireplace.

“You’re so hot my darling! More, more!!” as he thrusts even harder to the rhythm of the crackling flames

I’ve missed you so. I love you so!” as I burst into a fiery orgasm.

The fire crackles
Our hands touch
It’s been a while…

“Love, breakfast’s ready…”

“Coming Sweetheart. I was just mezemerized by the still-burning embers in the fireplace.”

Hello world!

I used to be an avid blogger on another platform, but the wheels began to fall off the proverbial bus…  WordPress was recommended to me by a friend who blogs here, The Only Cin (http://theonlycin.wordpress.com), so I am sure I will be very happy here.

To get those of you reading my blog accumstomed to my kind of writing, I will be posting some content off my old blog here before deleting the account. 

The aim of this blog is to reflect what I’m feeling – be it creative, bored, ecstatic, worried, depressed or just a plain misfit…but at the same time to share the things I’m passionate about, like food, travel, literature, Sunday drives to No Where in Particular, my friends and my family.

I hope you will all enjoy the journey with me…