Did Someone Say Trailer Trash?

Carmen’s thirtieth birthday looms this coming Wednesday, but as I mentioned in my previous post, she had a party in celebration of the event this past weekend.

Everybody made a concerted effort to dress according to the theme.  Oddly enough all the gals had some kind of ski-pants / tights on with high heel shoes.

I took a few pics (sorry some of them are dark, but they were all taken with my phone).

Elizabeth donned a blonde wig for the occassion…

and I pulled my skirt over my boobs

and Carmen donned a black wig, a pillow-stuffed belly and a shirt that read “I’m just a love machine”…

There was a bit of banter going on on Elizabeth’s Facebook page on Friday while she was looking for ideas.  A mate said she should just wear a Stormers jersey (she is a staunch Stormers supporter), and she said she might just go dressed as a Blue Bull supporter, but Richard beat her to it.  Don’t you just love the pink socks?

The guys all pretty much opted for make-my-muscles-look-bigger-shirts.  Here are some of the guys.  Ewan (Carmen’s hubby) is in the middle.

Great fun was had by all!

Friday Fun

For some reason I have been in the mood for baking.  The other day it was biscuits and this morning it is a cake.  It is the first time I have used a bundt cake ring, as well as an icing bag, but I don’t think I did too badly for a first attempt 🙂

Dad and I are watching the cricket – I think it is going to be an interesting game, and of course, I am rooting for the Proteas.

Carmen is celebrating her crown birthday on the 30th and in celebration of the milestone, she is hosting a trailer trash party tomorrow afternoon.  She has invited both Elizabeth and I.  I have a pretty good idea of what I am going to wear.  I will take a few pics to post.  I am looking forward to seeing how inventive the guests are with the dress code.  I love a theme party!

Then, Side View’s weekend theme “Star”, here is my contribution – a little ditty:

You’re My Stars

Consult the Stars

Oh Psychic One

Tell me of Wars

Not yet Begun

Consult the Stars

Navigator of the Seas

So that I may set sail

In the gentle breeze

Consult the Stars

My friends

So you can see them shine

Like they belong to God,

I’m honoured to say “you’re mine”.

Right, now I’m off to go and slice that cake of mine and have a cuppa tea…

‘Til later 🙂

Wednesday Night…

…on board was a fun-filled evening…Tropical Carnival night.

After another losing round of Bingo, I got dressed in my most sparkliest dress for dinner.  Here I am, along with my fellow diners:

On the left is Yours Truly, Yolanda, her parents, Johanna and Coen and on the far right, Ken Cornish – a fascinating gentleman who survied the Second World War.  He tells stories that can engage you for hours.  He gave all of us his postal address (he says he is too old for this new fangled e-mail) and I sent him a postcard yesterday.

From dinner we went to another show – again an amazing array of costumes were on display with superb dance- and acrobatic routines.

From there I went back to my cabin to get changed – my killer silver heels were killing me!  I opted for my black pants and a hankerchief top.  Up to the aft deck where the Tropical Carnival party was already in full swing.  Some members of the Dream Team were giving a Merengue lesson, but I just couldn’t get it down pat, so I opted to just soak up the party atmosphere.

For those partygoers who had worked up an appetite with all the dancing, there was a magnificent buffet served at midnight. 

Many stories are rife about many members of staff (officers included) who try to take advantage of single women on board, but this theory was proved wrong…after having a bite to eat, I bumped into Chief Engineer Guiseppe Balzano who asked me if I still wanted to join him for a drink.  I declined, feeling positively exhausted, and without argument, he took my by the arm and escorted me to my cabin and with a polite kiss on the cheek, bade me goodnight.  So, there are still some gentlemen in the world…

I was so exhausted, I slept in my clothes (without my shoes of course…)

This is Your Captain Speaking

Yes, that’s right.  Yours Truly has been nominated as the Office Ladies’ Soccer Captain.  So I guess that would make me Captain MTM.  In an attempt to build some team spirit between the different departments around the farm, it was decided by the Powers that Be to host a Ladies’ Lunch Time Soccer Game next Thursday.  By some autocratic decision I was made Captain of a team consisting of all the office ladies (there are squeals about broken nails and having to tie up their hair), the older generation of the harvesting ladies and some packhouse ladies.  Everyone is already laughing, so the team spirit is already on the up and up. 

Our team is playing the much-stronger Field side, so it is a given that we are going to get annihilated – without a shadow of a doubt, but what we lack in skill, we make up for in dedication and creativity.  Sandra said she thinks we should come dressed totally wacky (she is thinking shorts, long socks and a ballerina’s tutu).  I told every one on my team I want a suggestion of a name for a team name, as well as team colours.  In the democracy that is my office, I will chuck all the suggestions in a hat and get one of the gents to select the “winning combination”.

One of my team members, Evangeline sent me a mail asking, “Captain, what exactly does a midfielder do?”

My reply was quite simply, “Kick the ball and hope to hell nobody trips you.”

Last weekend’s Halloween party was a blast.  Liza and Elizabeth really went to a great deal of trouble and fun was had by all.  !

The following people attended:

Rachel and Kyle, dressed as a witch and Frankenstein

Philip (Elizabeth’s brother), dressed as Captain Hooker, the gay pirate.

Roger, dressed as a very blond John Lennon

Mary-Ann, dressed as a witch

Liza dressed as Liewe Heksie

and her other half, Keith, as the Devil

Elizabeth, dressed as Casper the Friendly Ghost.  She had a head-piece too, but the designer cut a square piece (instead of two round holes) for her eyes, so she left it at home because she thought she resembled the Klu Klux Klan.

Andrea and Mike (Elizabeth’s sister and her boyfriend), dressed as Miss Kienie (translated to be Maybe Not) and a nameless boxer (I loved the shiner!).

Imi and Zane (Elizabeth’s other sister and her boyfriend), dressed as they were, with masks to cover their faces – they hadn’t planned to come to the party, but at the last minute decided they would.

Emilynn, dressed as a (very convincing) zombie

and last, but not least, Yours Truly as a vampire

We took a drive through town on the back of Keith’s van through town.  We got some interesting reactions.  I nearly lost my teeth a couple of times.  Emilynn, seriously in the spirit of scary spookiness walked up to an unsuspecting couple necking in the car, knocked on their window and scared them – to such an extent that the gent lit up a cigarette, started the car and drove off.  It was SO funny!  Here are some group photos we took:

Andrea and Mike baked a cake, perfectly suited to the theme.  The spider was made out of a Whisper, a piece of a Bar One and a Sweetie Pie.  The spider web was liquorice.  I thought it extremely creative.

On the quandry – I’m still in two minds about what to do…it’s been a very long time, so what’s another couple of days?  I’m sure he knows how I feel – he can’t possibly not, given the interaction and hints I have been dropping through the years, but part of me can’t help wondering if I actually tell him, that it might change things. 

Mom had the idea of going out for dinner, but I’m still at work so it remains to be seen if that will indeed materialize.  Some days I really hate this place…