Cape St. Blaize Lighthouse

As the lighthouse high on Cape St. Blaize winks and watches Mossel Bay was the opening line of my primary school’s anthem. Today I finally got to see that view for myself.

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Crush ‘n Brunch

I have a new celebrity crush – Nathan Fillion…

You see, Elizabeth got me totally hooked on a TV series called Castle in which the gorgeous (or as one of his scripts says “ruggedly handsome) Mr Fillion portrays the lead role of Richard Castle, a mystery writer who ends up helping the police solve homicides, based on what he would write in his novels.  What I also enjoy is that in some episodes he plays poker with some of my favourite real-life authors, like James Patterson and Michael Connelly.  I don’t know what I am going to do when I have no more episodes to watch (eek!)

On other news – Mom and I seldom get to spend some quality time alone, so I thought I would treat her to brunch this past Saturday.

We went to a place in one of the little villages close by.  The place is called Die Ou Pastorie (translated, The Old Manse).  The house used to be home to the Dutch Reformed Minister, but is now privately owned by a local family, who live upstairs, while downstairs has been converted into a homely shop with all sorts of interesting things to buy, from homemade jams, to rusks, to secondhand clothing, to new clothing, to chunky, arty jewellery.  The place is a gem!

We sat in the garden…


 … where we had the creamiest cappuccinos and breakfasts with a difference.  Mom opted for vetkoek (a doughy breadroll-like South African dish) which was served with savoury mince, Marmite, cheese, homemade jam and real farm butter. 

Wanting something out of the ordinary, I ordered an African breakfast and well, it was amazing!  It consists of stiff African maize porridge, topped with two perfectly fried eggs, which are smothered in white sauce which in turn is sprinkled with beef biltong (jerky).  I loved the way it was presented – on a leopard print plate, complete with a porcupine quill to finish it off.  I also had a fresh farm roll with homemade jam. 

Onto more other news…  Work as I’m sure you have gathered, is keeping me incredibly busy.  But I’m not complaining.  In fact, I am loving my job!  I was told at my interview that stress levels can be high sometimes, particularly during month-end.  I have been through two month ends already, and I can honestly say that on my side, they have been virtually stress free (early days, I know, but still, it’s a good start).

I am anxiously awaiting the results of my 6th novel-writing assignment.  I neglected my writing for quite some time because every time that I would open a clean word processing document, the blank white page would taunt me – so much so that I couldn’t get a word typed down.  Hopefully the dry spell is over now.

Anyhow, I best get some work done – before I get caught loafing. 

See you on the flip-side!

Another Wine-y Weekend

Wine drinking is turning into a habit!  One of these days I may have to join the AA (and I’m not talking about the automobile association).

Saturday morning Mom, Dad and I went to do some shopping and on the wine shelf, Mom discovered this…

It was the last bottle, so we bought it, but more about that later…

Saturday night was a bit of a disaster – we went to pick Elizabeth up to stay over and Dad somehow managed to get totally blotto – so much so that he was staggering and slurring and he couldn’t even remember having eaten.  Mom and I were not only angry, we were embarrassed! Elizabeth said that if her presence was making us uncomfortable I should take her home, but that in its own would have caused an international incident, that I opted to ask her to stay, which being the loyal friend she is, she did.

Sunday morning we were up early and I packed a bag to stay over there, popping the Toffee Chunk into the bag for us to enjoy at her house.  Dad seemed oblivious to the fact that not one of the women in the house was angry with him.  Sunday was a quiet day spent watching cricket, braaiing and sleeping the afternoon away.  We watched the Sunday night movie, Bounty Hunter with her Dad and then Elizabeth went to bed.  Irene, Elizabeth’s other sister (there are three of them) brought Spud for me from the DVD shop where she works, so I still watched that.  While I enjoyed the movie, particularly John Cleese’s portrayal of The Guv, I was disappointed that the movie wasn’t at least a half hour longer.  I feel there could have also been more dialogue between the members of the Crazy Eight.  When I eventually did get into bed at something to midnight, I couldn’t sleep.

Yesterday morning we were up bright and early again because we had a date…a date with Boplaas winery in Calitzdorp.  Elizabeth’s youngest sister, Adrienne is getting married on June 18th, and she asked us to join her and her fiancé Marc, to go wine-tasting for the table wine.  Needless to say, we were only too happy to oblige.  We travelled with Elizabeth’s brother, Patrick, in a car that had NO aircon and it was 37 degrees!  We nearly melted…but it was well worth it.

Calitzdorp is a tiny little town in the Klein Karoo, and is known as the Port Capital of the country.  Here are some pics of our trip:

The view from the waterfall at the Robertson Pass's Waterfall

The red hills on the way to Calitzdorp

Welcome to Calitzdorp - The Port Capital of South Africa

The Entrance to the Cellar

On our way to lunch in Oudtshoorn, we passed this quaint little shop

The menu at the Headlines Restaurant in Oudtshoorn, where we had lunch

Got home yesterday afternoon, exhausted from the heat and a tad buzzed from the wine that I just went to my room and slept with the fan going full tilt.