Creative Writing: Theme: Green Wheat Fields

Coming Full Circle

Swish swash
Left right
Gently the wind tickles
My straight green stalk

Not only mine
But millions of others
Sown between the sunshine
Of yellow canola fields

We may all be green now
But soon
Our colour will change
To a sand like brown

It comes
Roaring along
Harvesting our ripeness
To make fresh bread

Which will fill
Many empty, hungry tummies
Strewn across our land
And beyond its borders

The seasons will again change
And then
New wheatfields will appear
Green with newness and promise


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Hello world!

I used to be an avid blogger on another platform, but the wheels began to fall off the proverbial bus…  WordPress was recommended to me by a friend who blogs here, The Only Cin (, so I am sure I will be very happy here.

To get those of you reading my blog accumstomed to my kind of writing, I will be posting some content off my old blog here before deleting the account. 

The aim of this blog is to reflect what I’m feeling – be it creative, bored, ecstatic, worried, depressed or just a plain misfit…but at the same time to share the things I’m passionate about, like food, travel, literature, Sunday drives to No Where in Particular, my friends and my family.

I hope you will all enjoy the journey with me…