…was once a thriving city known as Lourenco Marques – and when Mom and Aunty Carol it was one of the places to go on holiday.   By the time we had eaten breakfast, we had already berthed at port.

Sadly, civil war has left many parts of the city ravaged.  The buildings are falling apart, and those that aren’t are in dire need of a coat of paint.  Going into the city was a thought-provoking exercise, but not something I would do again.

Initially I hadn’t planned on going ashore, but because Aunty Carol and Uncle Barry wanted to go, I opted to join them.  We didn’t book an excursion as such, but caught a shuttle bus that took us to two different drop-off points, where we could walk and see at our own pace.

Parts of the city where tourists, like ourselves, are bussed through are kept tidy, but the unseen areas are squalid.

At the first stop we saw a big white cathedral and popped onto what was meant to be the botanical garden.  If there was care in place, the garden would be a thriving oasis, instead it is a forlorn park area with the grass reaching knee height in some areas.

Terribly sad.

We got off at the second stop, intent on visiting one of the markets, but the humidity, combined with vendors in one’s face all the time made it so unpleasant, that we got back on the bus and went back to the ship.

The afternoon on board was filled with many activities, including The Bingo Show, with Stephen, our fabulous cruise director,


and the Bingo Boys.  I bought three bingo cards and treated myself to an orgasmic cocktail called a Choc Mint Stinger – Cape Velvet, Nachtmusik, White Creme de Menthe and Cream.

The Bingo Boys were made to do a short performance every time a number in the B-column was  called.  Some skits were really funny, others challenging and others downright painful…

After Bingo, losing with two numbers to spare, I joined the family upstairs on the deck for a buffet dinner, just because none of us felt like getting all dressed up for the dining room.

After dinner, another show awaited us – this time it was Twilight

After the show, which left me with quite a few chills down my spine, we headed up to one of the lounges for karaoke, which in itself was super-entertaining.  I was first up with Jailhouse Rock, but some of my successors were a lot worse that I had been – it’s amazing how easily liquor turns people into idiots…

It was an exhausting day, so after karaoke was over, we all went to bed…after all, we had an early day planned – Barra Lodge was next on our itinerary.