Lucky Number One-Oh-Seven…He’s Funny Too!

I love waking up to emails that say xxx liked your blog, or yyy is now following your blog.  There is a sense of accomplishment in it.  If you want to follow my blog, please do.  Or dont.  But please share my posts, if you think they’re worthy.


This morning I woke up to find out that a blogger called Tony Self of is now following my blog.  That brings the total number of strangers reading the Reflections of this Misfit to 107.  Yay! *Awkward happy dance that resembles a frog in a blender* 

In just a few of his posts that I read, I was laughing like I haven’t in a long time, because on some levels I can totally identify with the conversations his Conscious and Subconscious have.  If you’re looking for some good old-fashioned best medicine, pop over to his blog, The Self-Talk Show

Wishing you all a happy, safe, fun weekend!


If I had a Cent

to match for every apparent lottery I’ve won, I would be stinking rich!

In the past week, I have racked up the following amounts (this is not counting the offers to utilize me as the go-between for some dead person’s millions):

25 Thousand Pounds

75 Thousand Pounds

250 Thousand US Dollars

175 Thousand US Dollars

14 Million Euro

Really now, how stupid to scammers think we are?  You can’t win a competition / lottery / whatever if you didn’t buy a ticket / enter for it.

Yet, there are still gullible people who get caught every day 😦