Won’t You Take Me to Advent Town?

Yes, the 1980’s hit Funky Town is now stuck in my head after typing that title. Did someone say #earworm or #brainitch.

Moving along, believe it or not, I’ve never had an Advent calendar. Until now…

Yesterday Eliza and Nathan gifted me an entire Advent Town!

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Time in a Bottle

So, Charlie, knowing that I was saving for a bottle of perfume I’ve wanted ever since Granny fell of the bus, gave me money for my upcoming birthday before he left to go back to work.  The notes were safely packed away in my underwear drawer.  I also told all my friends that if they wanted to get me something, money or a gift certificate from the perfume stockist would be much appreciated.  During this week, I found out the stockist had all beauty products, including their perfume range on a 20% discount, so I charged there as quickly as I could after work, only to be told, Sorry Ma’am, but we are sold out and have not reordered.  I left there, deflated and irritable.  I’ve wanted this perfume for almost twenty years – that’s how long it hasn’t been available in South Africa!  Yes, I searched online during that time too, and found many perfumes by the designer, but not the one.

Turns out that thing about one door closing means another one opens is sometimes true.  In this case, I found the same perfume (in a smaller size) online.  Placed the order and received it the very next day.  I haven’t been so excited to receive a parcel in ages; I nearly tackled the delivery man.

The instant I saw the box, I smiled and the moment I retrieved the bottle from the box and removed the top and smelled the familiar scent, my olfactory sense took me back in time to some happy memories.

I received the bottle of perfume as a Christmas gift from The Toppie’s stepfather the Christmas before my final year of high school.  I often wore it on a Friday or Saturday night when Cousin Lara and I would go dancing at the local haunt.  I also wore it for my first formal red-carpet event: my matric farewell/senior prom.  I remember feeling so grown up in my black evening dress.  My shoes were slightly scuffed; already well worn-in from the weekly langarm’ing*, which was a blessing, because the last thing I wanted on that Magic Arabian Night, was aching feet.


I used the last droplets on my 21st birthday, which was a fun event in its own right, because it was a whole weekend of celebration.  The Friday night, my at-the-time-boyfriend, Joe, drove me home and hit a bump, which claimed my car’s exhaust as a trophy.  The next morning when we started it, it sounded like a John Deere on steroids.


I think it’s only fitting that as the dawn of a new decade awaits, with much of it unknown, unfamiliar and a little scary, I have something familiar to keep me company and take me time-travelling when things are a little daunting to deal with.

Thank you Charlie, and thank you, Oscar de la Renta!


Waxees: A Sensory Experience

My amazing friend, and sister-of-the-heart, Elize has started a business called Waxees. As the name suggests, it is a candle business (to begin with, because she has plans to expand her range of products). But these are not just any candles, they are soy wax hand-poured works of art, based on five mindfulness principles, fragranced with high-quality essential oils to offer the user a full sensory experience.

Waxees are non-toxic; they are biodegradable, contain no synthetic- or chemical additives, diffuse aroma naturally and have a longer burning time than their paraffin-wax counterparts. Added benefits are that the warm wax can be used in massage because of its soothing and moisturizing properties, leaving your skin being feeling luxurious. Each experience is available in various sizes to suit every budget, making Waxees the perfect gift for any occasion.


The five signature experiences Waxees has on offer is:

  1. Let Go ~ A Renewing & Liberating Experience

A fresh, woody aroma which helps to counteract emotions of guilt and anger, while promoting liberating feelings of contentment, relief and patience.

  1. Pause ~ A Reassuring & Calming Experience

A blend of floral- and mint essential oils, which create a reminder to pause, take a deep breath and reconnect with the composed, collected version of yourself.

  1. Kind Heart ~ An Uplifting & Joyful Experience

An aromatic blend of uplifting essential oils which will revitalize your mind and body, inducing a sense of bliss.

  1. Aware ~ An Invigorating & Energising Experience

A blend of citrus essential oils which energize both body & mind and refresh the air. This experience is popular for massage due to the cheerful mood it creates.

  1. Allow and Accept ~ A Grounding & Peaceful Experience

A combination of warm, woody, earthy essential oils the help dispel tension, while creating a feeling of peace and relaxation.


So, if you’re looking to spoil someone (or yourself, because you are worth it!) and you’d like to purchase a Waxee Sensory Experience, you can get in touch with Elize directly at sales@waxees.co.za

Butterfly Kisses

I’ve tried my hand at many creative things.  Fabric painting, cross-stitch embroidery, colouring-in, and quite recently mosaic.  I didn’t attend a class, or anything like that; I just winged it.  The store that sells kits close to where I stay has a limited selection, so I opted for a butterfly, not sure what I was going to do with the end-product.  I found out from my friend, Alice, earlier this week that a butterfly signifies metamorphosis in some circles.

Intent on starting the project to keep myself busy while cat-sitting for my colleague, Nicola, I ended up binge watching Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, with the cats chilling on the couch next to me instead.  Then a little disaster struck (well, if I’m honest, it’s been a long-time coming) and I had to flit off to hospital for two small (although very invasive) procedures, which left me with a week at home to recover.  I’d started the butterfly somewhere before that, but it lay gathering dust on the shelf because I didn’t really have an offset point for it.  I happened to mention it to another colleague, Carrey, (who was kind enough to take me to the hospital the morning of the procedures) and she asked to see the progress as I worked, because she loves handmade things, but is not arty.  At all!

I finished it earlier this week and while I was admiring it, I received a message from her and thought I’m going to give this butterfly to her for her birthday, because every year, she transforms into a more beautiful soul.  The last photo I’d sent her was of it covered in grout, so she didn’t know that I’d indeed finished it.


She almost dropped it when she opened the box this morning, tears of overwhelming gratitude and excitement running down her cheeks.  I felt a bit of a tug at my heartstrings, because I felt like I’d accomplished more than just completing a project; I’d touched her heart in a special way.  She is filled with ideas of where to hang it, and when it’s up, I will go for coffee and see it in all its glory.


Just goes to show – everything does happen for a reason.  On some level I must have known why I’d bought this butterfly kit, in these specific colours…

The bug’s bitten me though.  I ordered three more kits from a Facebook friend who has a mosaic-kit business.  The will be here later today!  They’re also going to be gifts.  One, a pink and white cross, for my beautiful goddaughter on her Christening which is taking place on December 8th, and the others (I’m not going to say what they are, because the friends for whom I’ve earmarked them, will immediately know what they’re getting as gifts).



Creative Christmas Creations

Well, I had a bit of quiet time to myself this afternoon, which gave me the opportunity to label my Spanish Hot Chocolate. I hauled out my scrapbooking goodies and made some labels.  I will be having coffee with Yasmin and Carmen tomorrow morning and these two bottles are for them…

I must say, I found the label making quite therapeutic.  Maybe I will start actively scrapbooking again, in addition to my writing, which I must say is going fairly well.  All that is left for me to do in the fourth module is a text installment of at least 1000 words.

Dad is on the plane to Lagos – he lands in 2 hours.  We got his passport from the courier’s office this morning.  A relief, let me tell you.

‘Til I have time to blog again…cherio! 🙂

Birthdays and Other Things

I know, I know, I should be blogging more often to flex my writing muscles, but time is still a luxury I don’t really have much of.  My first Writer’s College assignment was sent off weekend before last and received a mark of 90%.  I was thrilled!

Wednesday I was awoken with coffee by Mom and Dad and given a beautiful gold necklace with a silver and gold cross pendant.  It broke 😦  Dad took it back and after much argument with the store manager, was given a voucher for the value.  I subsequently went with Elizabeth to the mall on Saturday and got a replacement.  I will take a picture and post it sometime in the future.

I arrived at work and found this on my desk from the lady that works in our accounts office.  (Sorry the quality of the photo is so bad).  For those of you who can’t see what it is, it is a mini Wedgewood nougat, with some hand picked flowers from her garden.

Later in the day we had cake and cappucino at work and I got this beautiful bunch of flowers from everyone at work

 as well as a R200 from Wordsworth books, which I promptly used to buy two more Terry Pratchett novels to add to my collection. 

What was even better was that I got to go home just after four!

When I arrived home, Mom and Dad spoilt me a little more with two more gifts – a lovely hoodie jersey and a new hairdryer (my other one melted…)


We went for dinner at the Dros – Elizabeth joined us, as well as Mom’s sister and her hubby.  I drank a lot of champagne, and obviously had a little bit of a tender head the next day, but it was a great evening. 

Elizabeth and I have been friends for over 10 years already and she knows me so well.  There are days when she irritates me beyond belief, but there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do to make my life (or anyone else’s for that matter) better if it is within her power to do so.

She spoilt me too – with a fabulous gift pack consisting of James Patterson’s latest Women’s Murder Club novel, 9th Judgement, Sh’zen Skin Perfection Capsules, a Lindt slab, a Woolies chocolate milkshake (they are heavenly) and a handmade nougat.

but that was not all…

 I had many phone calls on the day too, as well as a Facebook wall graffiti’ed with messages.

All in all, it was a great day – not the most memorable birthday I’ve had, but it ranks in the top five.

On other things:

Work is still busy, but the cooler weather of late has casued the fruit volume to drop, so we are finishing at a reasonable time some days, but once the sun starts beating down again, long days lay ahead.

My car is making a funny noise – I think it is the CV joint that is packing up.  Probably from driving the poor thing on a bumpy dirt road every single day.  I will have it checked out at some stage, along with the manifold that has a hole in it. 

Am in a somewhat naughty mood, so, before I divulge too much, I am going to sign off – maybe I’ll be inspired to write something saucy.