Did Someone Say Trailer Trash?

Carmen’s thirtieth birthday looms this coming Wednesday, but as I mentioned in my previous post, she had a party in celebration of the event this past weekend.

Everybody made a concerted effort to dress according to the theme.  Oddly enough all the gals had some kind of ski-pants / tights on with high heel shoes.

I took a few pics (sorry some of them are dark, but they were all taken with my phone).

Elizabeth donned a blonde wig for the occassion…

and I pulled my skirt over my boobs

and Carmen donned a black wig, a pillow-stuffed belly and a shirt that read “I’m just a love machine”…

There was a bit of banter going on on Elizabeth’s Facebook page on Friday while she was looking for ideas.  A mate said she should just wear a Stormers jersey (she is a staunch Stormers supporter), and she said she might just go dressed as a Blue Bull supporter, but Richard beat her to it.  Don’t you just love the pink socks?

The guys all pretty much opted for make-my-muscles-look-bigger-shirts.  Here are some of the guys.  Ewan (Carmen’s hubby) is in the middle.

Great fun was had by all!