Monday, Monday…

This time next week, I will be three quarters through the first working day at my new job.  How cool is that?!  I am looking so forward to the new challenge.  I set my alarm for 06:00 this morning and woke up without any problems 🙂

Saturday night we had a Girls’ Night at Elizabeth’s house.  Everyone had to bring something to eat and I took brownies – which had flopped.  Elizabeth, the genius that she is mashed them up into a million crumbs, whipped some cream and grated a peppermint crisp into it and voila, we had a trifle-type of tarty-dessert-thing, which tasted quite good.  There were only five of us there, but enough food to feed an army!

We played 30 Seconds and because Elizabeth and I have age on our side we nailed the young gals’ asses to the wall.  It was great fun and some of the descriptions that came out were hilarious.


I had a windfall at the casino yesterday!  I used the money I won to buy my essential monthly cooking mags and then some ingredients for dinner – I nominated myself as the household chef this evening.  On the menu this evening – Chicken, Mushroom, Cashews and Veges in a Creamy White Wine Sauce on Angel Hair Pasta.  Doesn’t that sound divine?  What’s even better is that there was enough money left over to settle my Truworths account!  Two down and two to go, then I can start focusing on my larger debts.  It is a great feeling knowing that I am slowly but surely making headway.

So, it looks like April is the month that good things really start happening in my life.  Now, if I could just find the perfect gift for Dad’s birthday next week, everything would be hunky-dory.