Family Holiday: Overnighting in Cape Town before our Cruise

We hit the road around 09h30 on Thursday, hoping to miss the Easter Weekend traffic. For the most part, it worked – except between Mossel Bay and Riversdale, which was virtually bumper to bumper with every size, make, shape, and model of vehicle available. What is it with trucks that just refuse to give way?

We finally arrived at our home for the night. Formerly known as ‘The New Tulbagh Hotel, the Innscape Classic 3-star rated hotel is situated in the CBD in Tulbagh Square. The reason I opted to make use of this hotel for our stay is that they offered a family room for my folks and me at a superb rate. I booked the room in November last year, so I paid a little over R1200 for the night for the three of us. I kept an eye on the rates, and as our arrival date drew closer, the rates shot up to over R3400 for the same room. I did make use of, so we didn’t get breakfast included, but with the location of the hotel being what it is, we popped over the square to a small local superette for snacks and water. They also had a lovely display at the reception desk to celebrate the upcoming Easter weekend.

Charne and Roche met us at reception, pouring us a sherry to welcome us. I chugged it down in two short swallows, not thinking that it would cause me to overheat even more than usual. Did I mention that Cape Town was as hot as Hell’s boiling point? The friendly porter, Arnold, used one of the two available lifts to take our luggage to our room which was located on the first floor. The building clearly is an old one that has been revamped to give it the modern feel it has now. The lifts in the building are tiny – they can only take two people at a time. Cue claustrophobia!

The room itself was comfortably furnished with four single beds. A nice personal touch was a marshmallow Easter egg on each bed for us. I had our family friend, who is my honourary older sister, Clarissa, uber to the hotel to surprise The Bean and The Toppie. It worked! Clarissa also kept our car at her place for the duration of our cruise, because parking at the cruise terminal cost more than I was willing to pay. After all, I could spend that money in a much better way, right? We also got to me Clarissa’s beautiful granddaughter, Caroline. Hashtag Cutie Pie, that one. Clarissa stayed with us for about two hours before heading home.

I hopped in the shower, which was hot enough to soothe aching muscles, but which didn’t drain quickly. A few minutes into my shower, I was ankle-deep in soapy run-off, so I shut off the tap, and put on my ‘regular’ pajamas (I bought new ‘cruise’ ones). We made some cups of coffee using the facilities available in the room but had to call three times for extra milk. We wanted to order coffee for the room at 08h30 the following morning, but the service isn’t offered at the hotel. The Manager on Duty brought extra instant coffee sachets and milk, which we were grateful for.

Sleep came relatively easily for all of us; we were extremely tired after the long drive. The road was busy and the sun was beating down on us in the car, which wasn’t running as well as we’d hoped.

The next morning we woke early, showered, dressed, and waited downstairs in the lobby for our Uber.

All in all, we had a good experience staying at Innscape Classic.

Location: 4/5 In the CBD, a literal stone-throw from the Thibault Square Miciti Bus Stop. The entrance is not well sign-boarded, which meant we drove around the block three times trying to find it. Apparently, the street sign depicting a large white H in a red circle indicates ‘Hotel’. When I wrote my learner’s license a hundred years ago, that sign indicated ‘Hospital’. There are many restaurants close by to visit for a meal, or even order in. I would not recommend walking to any eateries at night though, as the CBD is not always safe.

Staff: 4.5/5 Friendly, well-presented and knowledgeable about the hotel and its offerings. Had it not been for the delay in getting the extra coffee and milk to our room, I would have given them full marks.

Amenities: 4/5 The room has air conditioning, coffee-making facilities, large bathrooms (ours had only a shower), and a decent amount of storage space. There is good wifi throughout the hotel, at no additional charge to guests. The amenities are listed as having ‘Satellite TV’. This was not the case. The only channels available on the TV in our room (which is far from the beds) were SABC 2 and the E-TV Channels. It was fine for one night, but for longer stays, the local TV drivel would drive me nuts.

I would recommend this hotel to anyone needing a comfortable stay within the CBD of Cape Town. It is close to the CTICC and Thibault Square Miciti Bus Routes and parking is available (at a fee of R15 an hour or R140 overnight).

Day One Hundred and Whatever! Who Cares? I’m Freezing!

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The Big Things in Life are Often Inexpensive…

…Yet leave us with a wealth of contentment.

Last week I headed off to the The Mother City to write exams.  My Herbalife-friend, Tina tagged along for the ride.  I was so grateful because she drove most of the way and as a result I had a few extra hours to study.

We stayed in a delightful flat in Mowbray that I found on Airbnb.  Our host, Noel, was absolutely amazing, adding a personal touch by including a small bottle of sparkling wine to the welcome basket in the flat, which we drank on Thursday afternoon after we’d spent the rest of the day at Signal Hill, playing silly buggers and The Company Gardens feeding the pigeons and the squirrels.  A highlight was “The Perfect Cup” which was served at the coffee shop at the latter.


Other highlights included catching up with my friends, Jakes, and Alijay for quick coffees.  Oh, and I had the best curry of my life the Wednesday night (yes, in Cape Town, not Durban!)

and a smashing Lemon Meringue with “The Perfect Cup”.


All in all, looking back, I am glad that I didn’t once, set foot in a mall and spend money on stuff that I not only don’t need, but can’t afford – and that will be fleeting pleasures.  These #memories are forever!


That Peace…

…that Peace that Paul wrote to the Phillipians about…I received it!

Phillipians 4:7 “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (ESV)

A great deal of things happened this weekend…Roosterkoeks the size of tablets, coffee at Steve’s folks on their farm, a touch of the mysterious at Sulina’s Faerie Sanctuary, an ice-cold something at the Dros in Roberton, a wors-braai on Du Toit’s Kloof Pass, a walk from Three Anchor Bay to Sea Point and back, photos at Signal Hill, a stop at the Lindt shop, a pop in at that Waterfront, rugby in a box at Newlands, watching the lights from Ou Kaapse Weg, a drive over Chapman’s Peak, via Hout Bay and Camp’s Bay, feeding the squirrels and pigeons in the Company Gardens…but that is not what I want to share today… despite all these wonderful memories, one moment, a few fleeting seconds actually, is what I will probably carry closest to my heart for a long while still.

This past Sunday, whilst on a weekend away to Cape Town with Steve and Elizabeth, I experienced a fleeting few moments of that God’s Peace that surpasses all understanding.

On a whim, we jumped in the car at 06:25 to find a good spot to check out the sunrise…knowing that the best sunsets are seen from the southern side of Cape Town, I took the two “tourists” up the scenic Boye’s Drive then into Fishoek where we decided to take a walk on the beach. I was dressed in my skinny jeans and the shirt I’d slept in (we weren’t initially planning to be getting out where people would see us) and no shoes. While Steve and Elizabeth took photos I rolled up my jeans (with no real success) and put my feet in the water. Before I knew it I was thigh deep and after a quick conference with Elizabeth regarding the use of her jersey, I walked right back into the water and it happened…just before I dived under the waves, there was complete silence around me.


I could have dived under the waves and not resurfaced. It wouldn’t have mattered because…I. was. at. Peace.

I can’t qualify my experience with words, be they spoken or written. All I can say is that in that fleeting five to eight seconds, nothing in my life mattered, except me and my Father in Heaven. He touched me in a supernatural way – I have been teary ever since, but I know that tears bring healing, so I am letting them flow. God is working in me, making changes for the better. So, even as I am not sure what lies ahead, I know that I can walk in faith, because I am filled with peace.

You Saw a WHAT?

I know I haven’t blogged in ages, and I apologise – work is keeping me extremely busy, but this is something I had to share.

 On my almost-empty stomach, this is what greeted me when I logged onto the internet this morning. 

“By SAPA, 2011/05/26

Capescientists find jumping cockroach

A Cape cockroach, that can jump, has been named as one of the world’s new top ten species, Beeld reported on Thursday.

The “leaproach”, which can grow up to one centimetre in length, was discovered in the Table MountainNational Park by scientists from the Universityof Cape Town.

“Its jump is powerful… it has very strong back legs,” said scientist Mike Picker of the zoology department.

It has been named Saltoblattella montistabularis. The “Montis Tabularis” refers to Table Mountain.”

I am not a creepy crawly person, I never have been, but I can’t help but wonder if this is some freak of nature – a flea cross cockroach perhaps?  With all the strange things happening in the world, nothing would surprise me.

 Now, I must get back to work, but first I’m going to get a can of bug killer out of the kitchen cupboard…just in case…