Day 103: World Chocolate Day

It’s been a while since I’ve written a grocery list, let alone a blog post. A friend sent me a message on Friday telling me she misses me – and my blog.

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From Semi Good, to Good…

…I am truly blessed with wonderful friends – who are supportive beyond description, and who I often fail to appreciate enough.

A number of my friends sent me touching text messages after the darkness gripped my soul on Monday night – a dreadfully lonely feeling engulfed me and I did something I haven’t in years – I cried myself to sleep.  My mind was racing with all sorts of negative emotions, that it was the only outlet that I could make use of.

Last night Mom, Dad and I went to Aunty Carol and Uncle Barry’s house for dinner – fresh fish, chips and coleslaw (which I made).  It was a lovely evening, so we dined outside. When we got home, I had a chat with Jay – the issue between us has been resolved, which I am truly relieved about.  He was my shoulder to cry on last night about a number of things that have been plaguing me the past couple of days.  He listened, offered advice and asked the right questions to provoke me into thinking a bit differently.

I woke up this morning feeling like a bit of a zombie, but that is because I have started drinking my prescription sleeping meds again – just ’til I can sleep through again.  I plonked myself in front of the PC to check my mail; hoping, wishing, praying that there would be something about employment there, but alas…Instead I got the results from my fifth novel-writing assignment.  I scored a whopping 95%!  With this high mark, my average is now running at 91%.  I am so proud of myself.  Now, if I could find something freelance to get my foot in the door, it would be wonderful, but I have no idea where to start.

Looks like things may be starting to look up a bit 🙂  On the upside, things could be a lot worse.  I need to learn to be thankful for the blessings bestowed upon me every day.

On a totally different subject, another blogger commented on the sign at the strawberry farm I posted earlier.  This is a sign I took a pic of – it is on the toilet door at a restaurant at a farm stall just outside the lovely town of Robertson.

‘Til later…