Day One Hundred and Whatever! Who Cares? I’m Freezing!

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Day Four: Seven Wants

Seven Wants…

Now this is a fun topic!

1.  Mercedes Benz

Preferably a C200 Kompressor, either white or silver, with either a grey or beige interior, an automatic transmission and a sunroof.

2.  A Holiday in Europe and Argentina…

 I’m particularly fascinated byItalyandFrance(it’s the food and the language…). 

As forArgentina, I want to go there is I can tango in the cobblestone streets with a mysterious dark South American stranger.

 3.  To Be Remembered

As someone who touched someone’s life…one of the biggest things I have learnt in recent times is to be nice to everyone I meet, because they truly may be fighting some kind of battle.  Kindness costs nothing, yet it is a great gift.

4.  To See my Friend Kerry Again

She lives in Johannesburg, and needs a break – and we need to catch up…I can see us reminiscing up a storm over a bottle of wine, or giggling about something silly over cocktails.  I must make a plan – for her to either visit me down at the coast (which I think will recharge her batteries) or for me to go up there…

5.  A Place of my Own

Not just a place where I live on my own, but a place of my own, that I own.  I don’t want a lavish place, but just something comfy where I can leave my own personal stamp.

6.  To Meet my Favourite Authors

James Patterson, Jeffrey Deaver, Patricia Cornwell, Sue Townsend and Michael Connelly…and then invite them all over to dinner at my house, which will be cooked by my chef, Luigi or Michél (whom I will have recruited during my European holiday).

7.  To have an Unlimited Supply of my Favourite Perfume

Calvin Klein’s Euphoria…I’ve tried many perfumes, but this is number one in my top three.  Number two is Chanél Chance Le Tendre and Number three is Givenchy Very Irresistible.