Pet Therapy

As many of you know, I love animals. I firmly believe that having a pet contributes to positive mental health. During the hard lockdown in 2020, I asked friends to send me pictures of their pets which I shared in this blog entry.

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to have pets of my own, and if I’m honest, I’m not home often enough to keep any alive. I spend two nights a week with The Bean and The Toppie and at least one night a week with friends.

I do have wonderful friends though, who often think of me to petsit for them when they go away. In August, I got to petsit two very energetic daschunds, a labrador on pension, and sibling kitties. The weather hadn’t really started warming up yet, so the little barkers would be under their blankets, the Old Man on the couch, and the brother & sister cats in their basket on the washing machine. Each one of these pets crept into my heart. Kitty cuddles on the couch are the best…

As are couch cuddles from two long Basset Hounds, which I got to look after two weeks after my 43rd birthday. I’ve always loved the breed; ever since I was a teenager, I wanted one. I haven’t owned one yet, but who knows what the future holds. The brown-eared one picks up her tennis ball, barks with it in her mouth, and patiently waits. The game: chase her around the house as if you intend to steal the ball. The other one is older, so he does what many elderly dogs do – he basks in the sun, enjoys a treat, and keeps his eyes on the road like the perfect co-driver while the shotgun-driving teenager sleeps…

The next image/video is of a friend’s mom’s Ragdoll. I love this fluffy bundle of fur, with her regal personality.

Last, but certainly not least is my folks’ cockatiel which has had many different names – I just call it Pook-Pook. I bought her for The Bean after she lost her hand-reared cockatiel. Murphy’s Law, this little madam imprinted on The Toppie instead. He spoils her – every morning she gets a piece of fresh lettuce or wild thistle, and a small piece of brown bread (which we read is quite good for them). She has moments where she chatters away; other times she shrieks like a little bird-banshee. Either way, we love her.

Just writing this piece has brought about a sense of calm, which I promise you, was much needed after today’s events. I may just need to visit my friends to play with their pets in person to restore my equilibrium properly 🙂

One thought on “Pet Therapy

  1. granny1947 October 20, 2022 / 6:28 pm

    Fabulous pics.
    Great fur babies.

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