Women’s Day 2022

Good heavens, it’s been almost five months since I have penned anything here. I’ve been busy with all sorts of things, which have put personal blogging on the back burner.

Yesterday South Africa celebrated Women’s Day. Historically, in 1956, on August 9th, approximately 20000 women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to contest the changes to the Group Areas Act and the requirement to carry a Pass Book to be able to move in certain areas. For many though, it has become a day to celebrate women and our accomplishments.

My day started off with a book reading and signing. All the authors are local ladies, each with their own inspirational message to those in attendance.

I spent the day with my folks, something which I have been doing more and more of late. The Toppie received a bag of apples as a gift, so I decided to turn them into something delicious. This recipe popped into my inbox. What an easy, delicious surprise it turned out to be.

I’ll definitely make it again, adjusting a few things to add a pinch of myself to it.


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