December – a Time for Challenges and Holiday Escapes

I’ve been a bit quiet blogging-wise. It’s that time of the year when the days flow into one another. I’ve missed two opportunities for #MoodboardMonday. Hopefully I’ll get back into it soon.

Today marks the beginning of a new month. With 2020 being as unpredictable as a hormonal woman on a bad period without her wine supply, I wondered if we’d ever see December. The world has been completely turned on its head, with people having strong opinions about the realness of the Coronavirus and the lockdowns attached to it. Honestly, I’m over it and by it I mean 2020 and the Coronavirus. Add to it that everyone is just gatvol, and you have a ticking time-bomb waiting to go kaboom!

In seventeen days, our factory closes for our annual summer holiday. I’m like a convict crossing the days off on the calendar. Even though there is a grave possibility that the Garden Route may go into a level 3 lockdown, the idea of not having to wake up with an alarm is a happy thought. I can work on my Victoria Falls paint-by-numbers, build jigsaw puzzles, read, cook, binge watch series, enjoy an ice-cream, or coffee in my car while overlooking the sea…the possibilities are endless!

Until then, I need to remind myself that even though the limits of my medication are tested every day, I will not look good in an orange jumpsuit, nor would I fare well in prison. Oh, for those of you interested in a good jail break movie, based on a true story, do yourselves a favour and watch Escape from Pretoria.

Later today, there will also be an Advent Challenge on my Facebook page to get people into the Christmas spirit. Goodness knows, we could all use some cheer!

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