Moodboard Monday: Grey

I swear, I just blinked, and a week went by. I can’t believe it’s #MoodboardMonday again already. Today’s colour is grey (or gray, depending on what dictionary you favour). It’s the colour of my mood and the fog that has taken up residence in my brain.

No matter the amount of sleep I get, I still wake up feeling a bit depressed. On the subject of depression, I went to get my anti-depressant prescription refilled last week – the price went up by R37 from October to November. R37 may not sound like much, but when you’re trying to keep the lights on, it is a few days’ worth of electricity. Thankfully, the days are longer now, so I don’t have to put the lights on as early as six o’ clock.

I have a friend (well, we’ve not met in person, but we’ve ‘known’ each other for over a decade, we ‘met’ through blogging) who adores the colour grey. The glimpses she has offered into her life through photos on Facebook are all beautiful shades of grey, but I will admit, her rescue cat takes the cake. He is the most stunning grey colour with a personality all colours of the rainbow.

In reading this article on the psychology of grey, I understand why some people are drawn to it. It is a colour that brings stability and balance. To me, today though, it is the colour of the designer bags under my eyes.

‘Til next week… when, hopefully, my brain is firing on all four cylinders and I’m less ‘greyed’ around the edges.

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