So, today is #WorldGinAndTonicDay…

What is your favourite G&T infusion?

Life in the Garden Route of South Africa has its perks. There are quite a few gin distilleries close to my hometown. There is even a school in town where you can make and infuse your own bottle of gin as a keepsake to enjoy in the comfort of your favourite chair at home.

My late cousin, Malcolm introduced me to G&T. At first I found myself wondering why anyone in their right minds would willingly drink something as bitter as that gall – that was until I was out with Malcolm one night. He was dancing, glass in hand and his drink was ‘glowing’ bluey-purple under the UV lights. It looked so cool, and as a nerdy-type, I wanted to be cool, so I began drinking G&T’s more often. Back then, there wasn’t as huge a variety of juniper-happiness as there is today. It was either Gordon’s or Gilbey’s – and both were clear; not a hint of pink (or blue) anywhere.

A few years after I’d graduated high school, I was dating a guy called Jasper. One December, I spent a portion of my annual vacation with him and his parents. Besides me, they had another guest: Jasper’s aunt from somewhere in the UK. I forget her name now, but I remember quite vividly how Jasper’s dad, Uncle Charles, would pour her a Gordon’s Dry and Schweppes Tonic, so she could she listen to her recorded story tapes (yes, it’s that long ago!) with her headphones on. I don’t think she ever heard the end of any of the tales; she’d have a few sips and in 3, 2, 1, she’d have a kip right there on the couch.

Due to the fact that alcohol is contraindicated to my chronic medication, I have cut down on my alcohol consumption. Besides, booze has become an even-bigger-luxury than it used to be. I’ll enjoy a glass of wine with Elizabeth or Eliza, or a bourbon on a night out. For the most part though, I stick to good coffee or Earl Grey tea.

When I’m in the mood for a doppie, I’ll enjoy a Devil’s Peak Zero, or as I have tonight (in celebration of #WorldGinAndTonicDay), a Duchess.

Forgive the fact that the glass is in the window sill, but I had to put it down to hang up the laundry. Being a #domesticgoddess is not all it’s cracked up to be.

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