Moodboard Monday: Pink

Pink is a colour that I’ve grown to love as I’ve got older. Maybe it’s because I’m still a hopeless romantic (despite my disastrous love-life track record), or maybe it’s because I feel like some candyfloss right now. Who knows?

According to this article by Very Well Mind, the psychology of pink varies, but it is associated with positive aspects such as romance, creativity and joy.

The main reason I decided to talk about pink today is because it is #breastcancerawarenessmonth. I know a number of brave women who have survived the disease, but I also lost a friend to it some years back after it metastasized to her brain.

I heard on the local news recently that a corporate company has made a mobile screening centre available nationwide, with all the staff being female. The center is currently in a neighbouring city and booking a mammogram online is a quick, painless process.  

It is an amazing initiative! What I found interesting is that many women interviewed said that it was the first time that had had a screening for breast cancer. Their reasons varied from not having medical insurance to being uncomfortable about being examined by a male doctor to others simply being too afraid to find out if they have it because of family medical history.

On a less serious, more relaxing note, I also decided on pink today because it is #worldginandtonicday and I shall be enjoying a non-alcoholic pink Duchess this evening to celebrate. Nathan turned forty last year and Eliza told everyone if they wanted to buy him a gift, it should be a bottle of gin. What she failed to mention is that he doesn’t drink it. Anyhow, he had a rave party and I decided to get a pink wig for the occasion. I will admit that I had it on back-to-front to begin with, but someone remedied that quickly enough and I looked fabulous, even if I say so myself. It has prize place on a lamp in The Cave (as I don’t have a wig stand) and every time I look at it, I’m reminded of a fun evening.

Whatever the week holds for you all, may it have all thinks pink in it – kindness, nurturing, romance, and love.

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