RIP Earth Angel

There are days when you wake up with an outlook to tackle the day; other times you’d rather pull the blankets over your head, wishing (or praying, depending on your beliefs) for tomorrow to come. In both instances there are times you simply take for granted that you’ve been given another day to begin with.

I woke up this morning with elation in my heart – I’d slept on the couch at my folks, it had rained almost all night, and my coffee was hot. That joy was short-lived though because within the first thirty minutes of being at the office, I’d seen the news of Lloyd’s passing on the local rag’s website. My heart broke for his family, even though I don’t know them. He was only thirty-seven…

My path crossed with Lloyd’s during his time at The Cork and Plunger. Whenever he saw me, he’d always pop to my table for a quick chat. There are two specific memories of him I’d like to share in this post:

  1. One afternoon, my mom (aka The Bean) and I had lunch at the Cork and Plunger and on our way out, Lloyd was out of the kitchen. He promptly gave The Bean his arm and said, “a lady should be escorted to her car”. He patiently waited as The Bean took her steps and opened the car door for her after I’d unlocked it, helping her in. She was so chuffed. That day, Lloyd’s simple gesture made my seventy-three-year-old mother feel like a million dollars.
  2. I celebrated my 40th birthday last year. My nerves were shattered. I think I drove many of the staff at the restaurant to distraction with my constant check-ins, but when the day came, the C&P team had everything sorted. Lloyd came out of the kitchen despite lunch service being hectic, to give me a hug for my birthday. When it was time to leave, he walked The Bean to the car again – I think my dad (aka The Toppie) might have been a little jealous. 😀

To Lloyd’s family: I cannot begin to fathom the heartache you must be suffering. May you find comfort in this difficult time.

Lloyd, you were clearly loved by many. I will remember you for your kindness, open smile, and great food; but above that, I will remember you for being a true gentleman and earth angel. Rest in Peace.

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