Of Wine and Truffles

Yesterday was not a good day. I found out that a bottle of expensive wine that I bought almost a year ago disappeared out of the back of my grocery cupboard. The only thing I can think is that it was taken by the once-off cleaning lady and her companion that came to help me spruce up The Cave during level three of the lockdown. I left them alone for maybe a half hour to go and buy them some groceries as part of their agreed remuneration. It’s not so much the wine, but the memory attached to the bottle. I bought it for the girls’ night Eliza, Carmen and I had when we knew that Carmen was leaving to join Ewan in the Land of the Kiwis. We never got around to drinking it, but we made a pact to drink it together – Eliza and I at her house, with Carmen on a video call. To add insult to injury I felt a migraine setting in late afternoon and I felt all round blegh. Anyway, what’s done is done; there’s nothing I can do about it.

It’s Friday and nobody want to listen to gripes anyway, so I am going to share another kitchen adventure with you.

Last Saturday while visiting The Toppie and The Bean, I attempted to make truffles. While they didn’t come out as well as I would have liked, they were delicious. And… I made three different kinds, merely interchanging ingredients from the original recipe.

The basic recipe can be found here, at Kitchen Fun with my Three Sons.

To make them is quite a long process but the fact that I managed to make three types of ganache without them separating was a gold-star-moment for me.

Perfectly smooth, deliciously creamy

If I make them again, I will rather use molds and then do the dusting afterwards; rolling them makes my hands sticky and that’s just eeeuuuuuwwwwww.

Ingredients for the basic recipe

For the second ganache, I substituted the lemon essence and rind for coconut essence and dessicated coconut. I must mention that this ganache took super long to set in the fridge, forcing me to pop it into the deep freeze.

I imagine it would be even better if “you put da lime in da coconut and shake it all up.”

For the last flavour, I used 72% dark chocolate instead of white, orange essence and orange rind. These were The Bean’s favourite.

Not all perfectly round, but delectable nevertheless

With the days warming up, it will be braai time soon. I suck at making a fire (seriously, I am not a candidate for Survivor at all!!), but I do enjoy experimenting with salads. Who knows, maybe I’ll share a colourful creation with y’all in the not-too-distant future.

Before that though, I’ll likely be blogging about celebrations and cake – after all, it’s my birthday on Tuesday 😀

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