Day 140: Looking Back on Women’s Day: Arendsrus Country Lodge

It’s amazing how when you actually sit down and look for places to stay, you find gems right on your doorstep. One such place is Arendsrus Country Lodge. It’s less than 45 minutes from where I live, and the perfect place to stay a night or two to recharge your batteries.

Driving to Arendsrus, you may think where is this road taking me – after all, it takes you past the Morningside chicken farm, but when you arrive at the lodge, you feel like you’re in a different place. The road leading to reception is lined with trees, which, when in bloom, must be breathtaking to see.

Check-in was thorough, yet painless. Again, because of the Coronavirus, additional health safety measures are in place. There is a questionnaire to complete, your temperature is taken, everything you touch (including the pen and credit card machine) are sanitized before and after use.

Marlene showed us to our room – number 4. The room is equipped with two incredible beds (I had my best sleep in years!), an antique wardrobe, a small sofa, a desk, a coffee station, a full bathroom, and a small deck which overlooks the dense forest. Most of the afternoon was spent on the deck drinking coffee and listening to the symphony of birdsong.

Given the lockdown alcohol ban, it was lovely to be able to enjoy a sherry in the bath.

The lodge has beautifully manicured gardens, various picnic spots, and even a putting green. From what I’ve seen on their Facebook page, they are a popular destination for mountain bikers.

Taking a walk around proved a treasure trove for photo opportunities. From flowers to cattle to horse to fountains, there is beauty all around.

I requested a platter for dinner. It was served in our room. It had chicken strips, small sausages, cheese wheels, delicious sausage rolls, spring rolls, roosterkoek, cheeses, peppadews filled with cream cheese, olives and gherkins. An added bonus was the koeksisters which we had with our last coffee for the night.

The next morning, we were awoken by gusting winds. It was something-past-seven and the sun had already risen. We set about tidying up and packing our things so that when breakfast was served (again in our rooms as a health safety measure) we would be ready. Promptly at nine o’ clock there was a knock at the door and our spinach and feta omelettes were served, piping hot. Along with the hot breakfast a delicious continental breakfast was served with juice.

I would definitely recommend Arendsrus to anyone looking to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle or mental strain that lockdown has brought upon us. If you’re not up to staying over, you can simply swing by during the day and enjoy a delicious roosterkoek in the garden.

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