Day 115: Boozy Comfort Food and an OTT Dream

It finally happened! I made the Boozy Jack Daniels Mac and Cheese that I’ve been hinting at in a previous post here, and here. Oh. My. Word. It was delicious!

I was a little heavy-handed on the cayenne pepper, but it didn’t affect the taste too much. Will I make it again? Yes. It would have to be for people that have a sensitive, yet adventurous palate because bourbon, brown sugar, and bacon are not necessarily for everyone. What’s great about the recipe is that it’s pretty much one-pot cooking if, like me, you hate washing the dishes.

I was out of parsley, so I garnished with some fresh leaves courtesy of Rachel the Rocket

My brain is a bit frazzled. It’s that time of the year. Financial year end looms, and after that, our annual stock take. It’s planning and strategizing, and in this economic climate, a whole lot of praying too. Despite the pressure, there is still time to hope and dream. (or in this case, revisit a dream). I found myself thinking of Teresa and my retirement dream this morning.

Carla, my colleague, but more a friend, is usually a guinea pig for my cooking. I am only seeing her again on Friday, so she will be missing out on the mac and cheese. She will however be one of the first people to try one of my OTT sandwich combinations (which I am already putting together two decades ahead of the time).

I’m only due to retire in twenty years, but who knows what the future holds? Maybe I’ll strike oil under the paving in The Cave’s driveway. Maybe I’ll inherit billions from a long-lost Nigerian who has a family member with the same surname as I do.. Maybe by the time I retire, we’ll be swallowing pills at mealtimes. Maybe we’ll simply project the picture of food in our minds and find ourselves sated. The possibilities are endless…

Until next time: stay safe, healthy, hydrated, and happy!

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