Day One Hundred and Whatever! Who Cares? I’m Freezing!

If I didn’t know better, I would think I was pregnant – with the spawn of a giant alien tapeworm.

This frosty weather has me wanting to eat a highway through the fridge. I finally calmed the ravenous beast with a helping of slap chips and viennas. And a slab of chocolate. Shortly after, followed by a toasted hotdog roll topped with my go-to topping. It grumbled some more, so I gave it coffee too.

The power was out earlier this afternoon, thanks to Eskom. The only company in the world that forces you to pay for its product and then begs you not to use it. The mind boggles.

When the current came back on, I made myself some custard. It was too early for OBS; besides I don’t have any.

I can’t go and buy either, because the president reinstated the alcohol ban on Sunday night. Many jobs hang in the balance againšŸ„ŗ

According to the speech, South Africa is still at Alert Level 3, although it feels more like 4. I have no issues with the regulations in place, but I do worry about the state of our health system and our economy as a result of them. The goal of the lockdown was to prepare for the peak (which appears to be here now), yet we have less than 40000 beds available and our economy rivals that of our Zimbabwean neighbours.

Certain members of Cabinet seem more focused on keeping cigarettes banned, rather than dealing with real problems like destitute citizens not receiving their UIF grants or keeping violent criminals in jail.

There are many opinions about the tobacco ban, the loudest camp screaming “Corruption!” because the Minister of Co-opeative Governance has a family member involved in the trade. She’s even been photographed with notorious cigarette smugglers. I’ve seen adverts for unknown brands of cigarettes online – they range anything between R65 and R120 a packet. What people don’t get is that as long as they continue to support this illicit trade, the ban will not be lifted, especially if there are Ministers involved – they’re the ones who are raking in the cash.

Other members of Cabinet are more concerned with keeping the taxi industry happy, rather than protecting the commuters that must use them. What I’d like to know is if the virus can distinguish between a long trip and a short one. Long distance transportation is allowed to only carry 70% of its capacity, but short distance taxis can be full (with no way to adhere to social distancing). The windows must be open to facilitate a constant flow of ventilation. In the forty years I’ve been on this earth, the only time I’ve ever seen a taxi window open was when I was in Cape Town. I was visiting a (then) friend in Observatory when a taxi zigzagged through thr narrow streets, the guardjie hanging out of window screaming, “Wynnnnnnnberg, Claaaaaaremont, Plummmmmmstead”. I nearly fell off the pavement that day.

Anyway, let me stop griping about the ineptitude of the powers that be. There are better things to talk about.

I am very excited to report that local author, Sharon Brummer, has asked me to proofread her latest manuscript. I only managed two chapters last night, because the day itself had been quite busy. I am already intrigued by what I have read. After all, there is nothing like a whodunnit murder mystery to keep the icy weather at bay. It is the second time she has asked me to do work for her, for which I am grateful.

I still have some Jack Daniels in the cupboard. I am going to make that boozy mac and cheese. I must just get a few more ingredients, paprika being the one I can remember. When I have made it, I will post a picture. #ComfortFood

It has been raining for a great deal of the day, since last night. The soft pitter-patter is like a gentle lullaby. I shall certainly have a good rest again tonight. My neighbour is standing in the rain now, hose in hand, watering her potplants. I kid you not!

Three Anchor Bay in Cape Town took a beating yesterday. Here are some spectacular photos by marine photographer, Jean Tresfon of the weather yesterday. We have had warnings of high swells in Mossel Bay, but I can’t yet hear the sea from The Cave (as I normally do with monthly leap tide). After this storm everything will be a little greener and our outlook (hopefully) a little brighter.

In closing, to those readers who have sent messages asking about my ankle, thank you. It seems to be on the mend as long as I wear shoes that support it. Good thing I have a selection of ankle boots! The cold does affect it a bit, so I keep it warm by wearing thick socks and my slippers while working at home.

Until next time, stay warm, warm and be kind!

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