Day 103: World Chocolate Day

It’s been a while since I’ve written a grocery list, let alone a blog post. A friend sent me a message on Friday telling me she misses me – and my blog.

There isn’t much of anything to tell, really. The Domestic Goddess that was experimenting in The Cave’s kitchen has taken a leave of absence, so PB & J sarmies are once again the staple in my home. This afternoon I bought some apricot and mango jam to jazz things up a bit.

While I was at the shop I was checking phone for a recipe I want to make, but when I saw that two slabs of chocolate cost less than a jar of paprika, I tossed my phone back in my bag. Who needs Boozy Jack Daniels Mac ‘n Cheese on a Tuesday anyway? Chocolate seems like a better option, especially when it is World Chocolate Day.

Chocolate in all colours, flavours, and forms.

In Friday morning I sprained my ankle. I got up off the couch to put my cup in the sink and my ankle twisted. Not thinking too much of it, I but on my boots and Nikita and I went into the office. I spent the weekend with The Toppie and The Bean, so the first thing I did when I got to their house was take off my shoes. The pain that shot through my ankle then was severe, as was the swelling.

The Toppie quickly got out his magnesium muti spray and bandaged my ankle. I slept with it elevated both nights I was there and on Sunday, I could step on my foot, albeit with some discomfort.

On the COVID-19 front, the infection rate here in South Africa is increasing with almost 10000 new cases daily. Even though many of my colleagues have returned to work, the marketing department is still able to work remotely. I am grateful for the opportunity to work from The Cave because I know I am safe here.

Right, I’ve made my Hug in a Mug and stirred in the Kayley chocolate ball for extra chocolatiness. I’ll keep the Milky Bar for a rainy day, which may be Thursday if the weather warnings are anything to go by.

An apt mug for winding down for the night…

‘Till next time…

PS: I did a home-colour hair job this morning before work. The colour is called Amazing Aubergine. Yes, it’s dark. Yes, it’s plum. And yes, I love it. No photo though because I suck at selfies.

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