Day 55: MEH!

I’ve not blogged for a while. I know I should, but I’ve been feeling so meh the past few days.

There have been days when the only time I’ve got out of bed has been to get a glass of water or to pee. I’ve even worked from my bed. I’m emotionally exhausted from lockdown. Fortunately, I still have work to do every day which helps keep the sanity levels just short of the red.

A friend asked this morning if I’ve had any kitchen adventures of late. The answer is no. I have quite a few recipes saved on my phone for when I feel like making something new. I want to try something with chicken.

I will make flapjacks sometime next week. I’ve ordered homemade lemon curd and Bar One sauce from my friend, Jackie. It will be here on Monday. She is based in Port Elizabeth, but can ship countrywide, so if you’re looking for Heavenly Treats, please support her.

Something that did bring tears of joy this morning was the birth of friends’ little one. They’ve waited a long time to be parents, and it’s finally happening. I’ve only seen one photo, but he is a cute little tyke.

I am happy to report too, that my Herbalife business has picked up a bit, after months of things being very quiet. A new member joined my organization and in the last ten days, I’ve got two new clients, through referrals from work. I think many people have become aware that their habits during lockdown are not necessarily as healthy as they could be, or they simply want to have at least one nutritious meal a day.

Work on the #ROAM front has been a bit quiet. I helped a local author yesterday with a few edits on a short story, and with the help of Google, a screenplay that she has written too. It is always nice to be involved with someone’s creative process.

On Friday I will head into the office again to do a few things that I can’t from home. Things are slowly starting to pick up again, which is also a reason to smile. It is still unclear as to when we will all be able to resume duty at the office. I love working from home – it affords me better productivity and time to do some chores in between. The last thing I feel like doing when I get home from the office (especially this time of the year because it gets dark early), is laundry and then having to hang it on the clothes horse inside for days before it is dry. At least now I can put it out in the sun during the day.

Winter is making its presence known. There is a frosty nip in the air most mornings. I think that as was the case with Europe, we are likely to see a rise in panicked cases as the season brings the usual colds and flu with it. Our little sleepy hollow town has the highest infection rate in our region. I heard from a friend today that she knows an elderly lady who was hospitalized for something not remotely cold/flu related, but that she was tested for Covid-19 anyway. The results were positive. She had no symptoms 😦

That’s all from me, for now… fifty-five days down, eleventy-six and seventy-five-hundred-forty-millionty-twenty more to go.

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