Day 41: Movies, Veges, Gutter Dogs and Moods

I watched Contagion on Monday night. What a stellar cast! The movie itself was spooky in a sense – how a work of fiction released nine years ago is so close to what’s happening today. I keep wondering if any of the clever people have checked the DNA sequence of our novel virus with the fictional one. With the truth being stranger than fiction, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a match. Anyone who hasn’t seen it, should watch it. It puts things into perspective.

Maybe the perspective is the reason I started feeling down yesterday morning. Last night was worse, but I know it has to do with last night’s before-bed feature.

Right now, everything feels like too much effort. As I sit typing this, I realize that I loaded the dishwasher, but failed to switch it on. I also forgot to hang the second load of laundry I did earlier today. Great! I’ll have to rewash it now because it is going to smell like a little of wet gutter dogs.

Last night I watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I read a few IMDB reviews and most seemed in favour of the Dicaprio/Pitt duo. I got through the movie, only because I wanted to see how it ended. A third of the time I thought I had been secretly drugged and that I was on a bad trip.

The second third I found myself admiring the female fashion of the sixties and Brad Pitt’s buff abs. He looked quite delicious with longer hair. The final third of the movie I found a bit too violent for my taste. But… that’s is Quentin Tarantino for you. Would I recommend it? To die-hard Tarantino fans, yes. To people that want a spin on the Manson family murder of Sharon Tate, yes. To people who have three hours and nothing better to do, yes.

I’m still working from home. Yesterday and Monday were quite busy, but today the front was a little quieter. I am looking forward to the days we’re able to make sales again. I spoke to a client today who said they are able to manufacture their goods, but not yet able to export (which is where a huge chunk of their revenue is earned). I am all for the lockdown to keep the citizens safe, but I do think that at some stage more credence is going to need to be given to the economy. It’s pointless having (as an example) a flower farm open, but florists in the supply chain are to remain closed.

I try not to worry because it is not good for my mental health, which is clearly not 100% where it normally is. I am still drinking my meds every day. If I had weaned myself off as planned late last year, I may very well have completely done my nut and my pigs would have all pulled a prison break that would make Michael Schofield proud. My biggest concern is not for myself, but for my folks. The Toppie had a regular driving job to supplement his pension, and while he was able to drive yesterday, there is uncertainty as to when he will be able to again.

On less miserable news:

The winter is slowly creeping up on me. Aside from the recognizable chill, it brings with it a drop in my mood. It also unleashes the Pacman within; as if I haven’t eaten enough in the past 41 days. I did get on the scale today – a pleasant surprise – somehow, despite not having the healthiest of habits, I am 1.1 kg lighter than the Thursday before lockdown happened.

In an attempt to support local business, I ordered a fresh vegetable hamper from Klipheuwel farmstall for R150 (a friend and I are splitting it). For our dosh we got:

1 x Bunch of beetroot

1 x Small head of broccoli

1 x Large cauliflower

1 x Avocado

1 x Green pepper

5 x Tomatoes

1 x Bag of green beans (about 400 g)

1 x Bag of potatoes (about 1 Kg)

1 x Bag of pumpkin (about 400 g)

1 x Bag of carrots and courgettes mixed (about 600 g)

All farm fresh, delivered to our door. I will share my share of the loot with my parents – The Toppie will no doubt get creative with it.

I finished the first season of Riverdale. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to sink my teeth into the second and third seasons. Archie Andrews is my favourite character – and yes, it’s because he’s a ginger.

Rachel the Rocket has sprouted her first leaves. They are almost invisible, but they are there. Once they are a bit bigger I will take a photo.

Also, I signed a new member into my Herbalife organization, and I got a new customer today. I’m grateful for this – I get to help someone make some extra money, and another one reach her goal of developing healthier habits.

Tomorrow I hope to feel strong enough to bake an Amish apple and cinnamon loaf, using fresh Granny Smith’s instead of canned apples. After all, it’s not lockdown if you’re not baking, is it?

Right, let me get this dishwasher on, and a cup of coffee to warm the cockles.

‘Til next time…

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