Day 29: But, But, But, But…

I’m seldom one to weigh in on politics – who you vote for is your business, the same way who I voted for is mine. For the sake of this post, I will disclose that I have not ever voted for the ANC.

I’ve not been a fan of the ruling party for many years, but (you knew there was a ‘but’ coming, didn’t you) one thing the ANC did get right was to get rid of Dishonourable Corruptus Fucknut Showerhead and bring in Honourable Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, or as he is sometimes referred to, ‘Oom’ Cyril.

In between work, I took a breather and read this. It brought tears to my eyes. These little humans aged about eight, grasp that lockdown was implemented to keep us safe. They are thankful to the president – A man, as mortal as you and I, who has had some seriously shitty decisions to make, to protect as many of his Fellow South Africans as possible from contracting what has proved to be a disease fatal to many worldwide.

I acknowledge that many people, including some of my friends, have suffered with zero income during the hard lockdown and I concede that there is looting and other criminal activity taking place. I admit, too, that my view is that it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. But (there it is again!) I also acknowledge that there is an increasing level of compassion for our neighbours too.

People are taking food from their own pantries and sharing with those they have heard to be suffering during this hard time. Often the two parties don’t know one another from Joe Soap. Some people are checking in with their entire phone book on a daily basis (at the cost of their own data), even if it is a short text that says Morning. People are starting to care again. It brings hope! It’s beautiful!

There is an evident nip in the air. Winter is coming and with it, flu. There is a great chance that had we not been under lockdown, constantly updated about the symptoms of Covid-19, and compelled to practice preventative hygiene, that our already-strained health system would have seen many panicked false-alarms rushing off to the clinics and hospitals for fear of infection when all they may really have is the common cold.

If you don’t get what I’m saying – in short: during lockdown we’ve been educated about the coronavirus not being your run-of-the-mill flu. I’d also like to believe it is as a result of that education (rather than fear) that we’re wearing masks to limit the spread of the virus to others. I’d like to think that we’re wearing masks because we are compassionate and caring towards our Fellow South Africans.

Sure, Oom Cyril fumbled putting the mask on his face last night. Heaven knows I haven’t got it right first time either. In fact, the first day I wore my mask to the shop, someone turned around and told me I had it on wrong; that it actually folded open. I stupidly had it over my nose and mouth hanging like a flag – and I’m not remotely as exhausted as the man who is carrying the weight of an entire nation on his shoulders, yet through everything he maintains a demeanour of grace and dignity, not to mention a sense of humour as can be seen by clicking the link below. It’s admirable! Forgive me, I was slightly technologically challenged and couldn’t get the video to embed.

We need to be less judgemental, because right now, even if you feel you could do the job better, would you want it? Would you want the eyes of every citizen on you all the time, waiting for you to slip up, rather than supporting you in trying to save them? I sure as hell wouldn’t!

Staying on the subject of masks, do you think Old Bird-Finger Spectacles Pusher would have had us wear them? I don’t know for sure, but I’m thinking probably not. All he would likely have had us do was go outside, but just not breathe. Oh, and of course, take a shower afterwards, because if it can wash away HIV, it can surely wash away ‘Rona. If he’d still been the Head of State now, he’d likely have us standing in line to be sprayed with Doom or the like. His cabinet of sheeple would have simply been bleating the same kak as long as they were continued to pillage and plunder from the state coffers. We can be thankful that Oom Cyril is negotiating to get funding from the US to fight the pandemic, but that he is not following in the footsteps of the being that leads them as to dealing with the problem. My heart goes out to the Americans – looks like they got their own version of a Showerhead now.

In no ways am I saying that corruption has vanished since Oom Cyril became president. I am not an idiot! What I’m saying is that it is being addressed, which is already a huge step up from his predecessor. Sometimes the punishment doesn’t befit the crime, like a minister breaking lockdown for a luncheon, being suspended for two months, but still paid for one. In my humble opinion she should have been arrested, and her salary for both months used towards COVID relief, but that is my view.

The truth is things are going to get even tougher before they get better. Our country is in a recession, people are hungry, unemployment is likely to rise, and I believe the real coronavirus wave has yet to hit us… BUT

We’ve got a leader with a brain and balls; one who values the input of experts. We’ve got a leader educating us on keeping ourselves safe, rather than one whose ministers would have us eating African potatoes, beetroot, and garlic to ward off the coronavirus. We’ve got a leader who is doing a fucking stellar job under the most awful circumstances.

The man is visibly exhausted and likely to be just as afraid as you and I – he too has a family, but (yes, there it is again!) it’s not six wives and an (estimated!) twenty children! Oom Cyril has a wife (also blessed with a brain) and five known children. He also has fifty-nine million other family members he’s trying to protect too.

Mr. Ramaphosa, I am one voice in a cacophony of many, but you give me hope and make me proud to be a South African, which is something I wasn’t for a long, long time.

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