Day 28: Of Life and Lucy the Lettuce

It’s all fun and games until COVID-19 touches you on a more direct level. One of my friends that works away was tested as part of a mandatory reaction plan his employers had in place. He tested positive, despite showing no symptoms. He didn’t fall ill during his isolation period either. According to the doctors, he is one of the very few lucky ones. He is now waiting for this third set of swabs and blood tests to come back negative, while plans are trying to be made to get him back to SA. Not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about him and his colleagues. It has me wondering though – how many of us may be infected, but are asymptomatic?

This morning another friend shared with me that his sister may have the virus. She too is not within the borders of the Republic, and according to her brother is “very, very poorly”. Hearing this news made my heart ache. Like me, he is alone during this time. Processing any information like this is dreadfully difficult, but more so when you don’t have someone physically with you with whom you can discuss your emotions. Talking isn’t going to miraculously erase the situation, but getting those feelings out does help. A burden shared is a burden halved.

Another friend in Florida in the US lost her sister-in-law who lived in New York to the Coronavirus. Her words were, “it’s creeping closer”. She’s right. While I personally don’t know anyone that has died, this silent killer is touching people that care about people I do.

I am grateful that my family and friends are all still safe and healthy at this stage. Quite a few of them fall under essential services under the extended lockdown, but are still responsibly working remotely where possible. I think the foremost question is everyone’s minds is what will happen to my family if I fall ill, and so, as far as possible, they remain responsible and adherent to the lockdown regulations. To those of you reading this, a hearty well done! from me 🙂

On other lockdown news. My lockdown lettuce is a week old today and I must say, I am extremely proud of it. I’ve decided to name it Lucy. Every morning when I wake up to open the blinds at the front door, I check on her. Every day there are signs of new life. I never imagined ever getting excited about gardening, but lockdown is bringing out some uncharacteristic sides to all of us – and our inner chefs and bakers.

Day One
Day Seven

My stomach grumbles at the sight of the foods and baked delights my friends are conjuring up in their kitchens. Sumi sent me a photo of a cottage pie she made for dinner last night. Mouthwatering!

Toby sent me a photo of a roast vegetable dish prepared in the oven. It looked like a healthy rainbow and he said it tasted delicious.


While I enjoy a meal at least once (even if it is a simple grilled cheese sandwich) a day and a decent cup of coffee, I am reminded that there are so many people that don’t have the luxury of a loaf of bread, nor coffee and milk. Others are even worse off, with no access to running water within their homes to boil for something warm to drink. How often do we not complain when we in actual fact have more than we need?

The purge continues in momentary bursts, when I realize that I must move to prevent getting deep vein thrombosis. Today I threw out an entire box of silver cardboard stars and a DVD player (which is in perfect working order, when it has a remote!) The stupid thing doesn’t have a play, nor menu button on the machine itself, so in effect, it is useless. I will be getting rid of it after lockdown through Nathan, who specifically collects e-waste for correct disposal. I endeavoured to upcycle before recycling, but in the instances that I can’t, I will try as far as possible to diminish my impact on the environment. After all, I do believe that Mother Nature is showing us during lockdown how bad us humans are treating the planet.

Seeing that I no longer have a DVD player, I shall sell off my DVD’s after lockdown. I don’t have an extensive collection, but a few extra bob will come in handy down the line. I will also be selling a few other things that I no longer have a need for.

In this time, while many of us are safe and cosy in our homes, there are women and children that are suffering constant abuse. I got to thinking that while I often buy secondhand clothes for myself, I can’t bring myself to sell mine. I’m not sure why not, but it feels weird. So, I got in touch with a former-social-worker friend to ask where I can donate clothes to women in need.

I am fortunate enough to still be working every day, with some days being busy and others quiet.  Mondays I get to go into the office for a while which has helped quite a lot. Before I return home, I have a cup of coffee in the garden and enjoy the sunshine. Being able to constructively use my brain every day has helped ward off a major downward spiral. I’m not sure if I would be coping as well as I am if I didn’t have to do some form of work every day. I’m grateful for my job, even though there are some times that colleagues unknowingly wind me up. Thankfully there is sufficient coffee to prevent my murderous thoughts turning into action.

All that’s left to do for the moment is wait in anticipation for our Honourable President to address us later about what, if any, changes that will be to the lockdown. There are two camps – those that believe it will be extended again (for at least a fortnight) and those who believe life will begin returning to some kind of normalcy to stimulate the economy. I am sitting on the fence – I believe the lockdown is likely to see another extension, but that more enterprises will be allowed to operate, if only for certain hours on certain days. I think that where possible those people who can continue to complete their duties remotely will be expected to do so.

Whatever happens, I wish all of you reading this post good health, compassion for others and an inexplicable faith that something good will come of this pandemic. Continue to be grateful, continue to hope, and most importantly, continue to love – yourself and others.

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