Day 25: Entertaining Angels

It’s day 25 of lockdown. As far as I know The Bean and The Toppie are fine (from COVID-19, that is), my friends haven’t murdered their spouses nor eaten their young, and my lettuce experiment appears to be successful.

To allay boredom over the weekend, I started playing a Harry-Potter-themed game on my phone, which in turn led me to re-watching the movies. I’ll be starting the fourth one later tonight. I’m not sure what it is, but even though I’m a fabulously-forty-something-femme, I still love children’s fantasy.

HP wasn’t all I watched though. I also rented Oz the Great and Powerful. In certain parts of the story, you can see the characters are putting on, but for the most part it was a good, enjoyable movie. There is no Dorothy in this film, nor a pair of ruby slippers (those featured in the other movie I watched Night at the Museum: The Battle of the Smithsonian), but there are some familiar characters from the original. It’s worth a watch and the PG-13 rating is warranted.

The weekend was not all lazing about attempting to ‘squarify’ my eyes. It also involved some time in the kitchen. After my slight failure at baking a cottage cheese bread last week, I invested in yeast and tried a sweet potato bread. It was a delicious success! I only made a half-loaf because a full one would go to waste. I used orange-skinned sweet potatoes. Their flavour is quite heady, so I will opt for a red-skinned variety when I make it again.

Today I had to go to the office, so I stopped in at the mall to buy The Bean some medicine and some grocery essentials for her and The Toppie. There was a car-guard on duty. At first I found myself silently berating her – why wasn’t she home? Hers is not an essential service! She was donning a reflective waistcoat, so definitely not at the mall for the same reason I was.

My heart softened as I got out the car to see her wearing a knee guard, slightly limping and clearly trying to make a few bob to get by. Immediately I was reminded of the words I try to live by. I silently prayed for forgiveness. Lockdown has made many of us quick to judge. We shouldn’t.

Last week I saw a post on FB – the poster asked that her neighbours please not report her to the police for walking her dog; her husband (an essential worker) had the car, and she had to get the dog to the vet. The only way this would be possible was to walk it, because Fido is too heavy for her to carry.

For the most part I believe the majority of the people are trying to adhere to the rules.

Once I was at the office, my boss joked on our conference call, asking if I’d raided his ‘liquor cabinet’. There was laughter all round. Truth be told, the only liquor I want now is a glass of good red with my best girlfriends. I am willing to suffer the awful next-day consequences. Other than that, I’m not bothered. I have an almost-full bottle of Old Number 7, and a smidgen of JD Honey in the grocery cabinet. Since I went on the crazy pills a year ago, I’ve gone off drinking because the booze and the meds don’t do each other any favours.

Having a bit of freedom today I sat in the garden at work after the meeting call and enjoyed a cup of coffee and the sunshine on my face. We’re having unseasonably hot weather, but where it’s normally hot and sticky, now it’s just hot and toasty. I love it. Sitting outside raised my Vitamin D levels to a point where I felt recharged. I feel happy and hopeful.

The question I think is hanging on most peoples’ lips right now is when our esteemed President will be addressing the nation regarding the current status of the lockdown. While none of my friends have put an ad in the papers putting their children up for adoption, I think many of them might if schools (and the bottle stores!) don’t open soon. Our economy is taking a serious knock (as is the rest of the world’s) but the sooner the lockdown rules are relaxed, the sooner people can begin rebuilding their livelihoods.

To come full-circle, I want to finish this entry with the car-guard. I dropped a few absolutely basic-basics into the trolley (partially to ease my conscience) while shopping and I gave them to her. She called out to another guard (I think it was her partner) and she asked if she could share something with me. She told me a story of how she had been brutally attacked a few years back. There were pictures too. I felt another pang of guilt for having been so disapproving not an hour earlier.

She said to me, “Ma’am, today you not only feeding me, but this lady (pointing to her friend), and my mother too. You have entertained angels.”

In a world where you can be ANYTHING – Be kind!

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