Days 14 & 15: We Were Past Halfway, Then We Weren’t Anymore, and Then it was Good Friday.

My previous pets control post has reached many people according to FB, but the stats on WordPress paint a different picture. I’m not complaining, merely stating a fact. Everyone that took part in the challenge – thank you! Your pets not only touched my heart, but those of many of my readers. Charles from work read the post, and sent this pic of his wannabee-lockdown-escapee, Tash, to me. I told him I’d include her in my next post, so here she is, in all her attempted-breakout glory.

I didn’t have any motivation to blog yesterday, on day 14. There was honestly zero anything of value to tell, and my creative juices had gone AWOL after being so delightfully clever captioning photos from the post before.

I worked a bit of the day and spent the rest of it thinking of things I have learnt during this mandatory incarceration, and what I am going to do when I’ve finished serving my time. This was before our president extended it by another fortnight last night. I understand that he is doing it to protect the health of the citizens, and in a show of spirit with the country’s people, he and the cabinet ministers are taking a one-third pay cut. Those funds will go into the collective solidarity fund which will help small businesses during this difficult time.

When I heard the news, it was futile trying to hold back the tears. I miss my parents, my friends, and my co-workers. I miss the ‘normality’ of life pre-Covid-19. I also realize that what was normal for forty years of my existence is not ever going to be the same again. As one friend (who is also alone during this time, but with his canine companion) put it, Solitary confinement has been extended for another two weeks.

So, things I’ve learnt during two weeks at home:

  • A pair of blunt-nose nail scissors doubles well for a small size Phillips screwdriver.
  • I lost five of my nine screws – it’s an inside joke between Nathan, Eliza and I.
  • Melted baking margarine is not a good substitute for butter in a pasta sauce.
  • I still don’t know how I feel about pumpkin-spice-flavoured coffee.
  • Out of lockdown, I’m not not hungry, I’m just too lazy to cook and wash the dishes.
  • One can never have enough teaspoons.
  • I have less laundry to do because I basically live in my pajamas.
  • I want a dragon!
  • Even when I don’t realise it, I may be inspiring someone, or giving them hope.
  • I have way too much stuff.
  • I need to make waffles.
  • I am strong enough to open jars without help.
  • I enjoy my own company, when it’s on my terms, not the government’s.
  • If you have only got a smidgen of milk left in the carton, it’s not sour if it doesn’t curdle in your coffee – even if it tastes like flowers.

Amidst all the negativity there is good news too. My colleague, Theresa and her husband Arnold, welcomed a healthy set of twin boys into the world on Wednesday: Andrew and Austin. I think everyone at the office is revved up to meet the little ones once it is safe and legal to do so. I’m not sure which one is the eldest, but one weighed in at just over three kg’s and the other one, a few grams under. Our department head is convinced they are going to be Springbok rugby players when they’re older.

Today is Good Friday (for those of us who celebrate).

The Toppie was brought up as a Roman Catholic and while he no longer is a member of The Church, there are some traditions that he still follows, such as fish on Fridays. Traditionally in South Africa many people eat pickled fish, but there was none for my folks nor me today. The Toppie mentioned no fish to fry today, so he and The Bean ate pilchards (from a batch that wasn’t recalled just before lockdown was implemented). I did not follow suit; instead I ate two hot cross buns with apricot jam and a cup of Earl Grey tea.

My mind is toying with an idea to stimulate sales for local, privately-owned businesses after lockdown. I chatted with Eliza about it yesterday and she thinks it could work. I am waiting for Evangeline to get back to me about a query I lodged with her, and then once lockdown has been lifted and some time has passed, I shall implement my plan. Until then, I’m not going to say anything more, for now.

Things I want to do post-lockdown:

  • Forget about social distancing for a few moments and hug everyone tight, like I may never see them again.
  • Visit my parents and see for myself that they’re okay.
  • Go to work, see my colleagues and sit in the garden during my lunch break.
  • See my Goddaughter, Lily-Rose and her parents.
  • Go to McD’s, buy three boxes of fries and take The Toppie and The Bean to feed the seagulls at The Point.
  • With my landlords’ permission, get a dragon. Failing that, a cat.
  • See my friends and catch up on all the news.
  • Buy a grater, and more teaspoons.
  • Have coffee with friends – somewhere outdoors.
  • Go for a walk on the beach (even though I hate the sand) and a walk in the forest.
  • Drink wine on the stoep with Elizabeth at her house.
  • Make homemade pizzas with Eliza, Nathan and their boys.
  • Have a sea salted caramel latte from Vida e Caffe.
  • Blog in the beer garden at Cork and Plunger.
  • Have a humongous ice-cream sundae.
  • Help others where I can, even if it means just giving them hope to keep forging on.
  • Be kinder to the environment by trying to reuse stuff more, before recycling it.
  • Plant a small, potted home garden.

That’s it from me, for now. Be safe everyone, wherever you are. And remember, it’s okay to be human 🙂

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