Day 7: Houston, We’re Gonna Overcome this Problem…

Day 7 was a perfect lockdown day. After reading last night’s post, my friend, Evangeline, sent me a message and said that I must focus on today, because seven is a Godly number.

As luck would have it, my 6GB data bundle depleted is just over 5 days. Working from home is proving to be more expensive than I think I, and my employer anticipated. I hear you all wondering what normal person doesn’t have wifi installed at home? and you’re not wrong – the thing I, I don’t need it. My monthly bundle of 350MB (and an extra 2GB out my pocket) is more than sufficient for my needs most times. I asked the firm to help out, and they have. I’m grateful!

This morning I travelled to Houston. I captioned the photo Save a horse, ride a cowboy (or girl) depending on your preference. It went down quite well. My little coffee mug adventure is proving to be a good distraction, even if only for a few minutes a day.

I had to go to the store today for a few things, including toothpaste. You see, after brushing my teeth yesterday, I managed to lose mine. In The Cave. Also, I have been craving lettuce (Heaven knows why because it’s nothing but water) and the only way to sate the need is to eat it. I bought ravioli (I am going to roll after this lockdown!), a packet of unicorn eggs, apples, gem squashes, toilet drops and one crème caramel. Got home, unpacked the items, and true as nuts, I found the lost toothpaste in the door of the fridge. Lockdown is messing with my head!

Our company is classed under food production (where do you think the healthy, cholestrol-free ostrich meat you see in the stores comes from?) which is an essential service. All key staff have legal movement permits should it be needed for us to go to the facility. I went into the office for a conference call (I’d not yet recharged my data bundle) and afterwards, I sat in the garden with a cup of plunged coffee, chatting to Carla (who was at a safe social distance). Feeling the sun kiss my face made my heart sing. Touching the grass made my hands itch. It wasn’t a long outing – maybe an hour, but it did me the world of good.

On the way home, my car’s petrol light came on. This is not anything unusual. I am one of those people that knows her car (something to which Elizabeth can attest). I drove past the petrol station on my way home, without stopping, completely enthralled by the music on the radio.

Today felt like a semi-normal day. I’m content.

Two weeks and counting…

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