Day 4: Human Interaction, Hallelujah!

We thought January was long… It’s day 4 of #SALockdown, or as it feels to some of us it’s the 8360th day of March.

I had human interaction today. There was a challenge going around to donate a can of food (or any other non-perishable item), or a cake of soap to the municipal trash collectors. I’d already put my bag out last night. I had to – it smelt like a body was decomposing inside.

This morning as I opened the blinds I saw the man picking up the bags, and yelled, “How many are there of you on the truck?” His reply behind a very large mask was, “Two collecting and three more on the truck, so we are five.” In case I hadn’t heard, he held up his blue-gloved hand signaling the number.

I rushed to my grocery cupboard, sanitized my hand and a cloth and gave him five packets of 2-minute noodles (which I’d wiped down). It’s not much, but it may be of help. I haven’t been so happy to see another person in my life as I was to see the garbage man.

After the truck rolled by, I left the front door slightly ajar for some fresh air. I spent most of the morning in my lounge, working.  I got to have a conference call with the rest of our team. We do it every Monday, but today felt different. Maybe because I don’t know when I’ll see them again? Sure, there are seventeen days left, but the way the citizens are carrying on, I won’t be surprised if we end up with a lockdown extension on our hands.

I speak to The Bean and The Toppie every day for a few minutes via video call. They seem to be coping well under the circumstances. The Toppie’s diabetic and said yesterday he has been noticing unusual spikes and falls in his insulin levels, so after he legally went to collect his state pension this morning, he stopped by the outpatients’ clinic at the hospital which he said was packed.

He was quickly assisted and told to leave his card with the person on duty; that the doctor would check his bloodwork and if necessary, have him come back. He was then sent on his way, because while he isn’t ill, but still a high-risk for COVID-19 infection. I think our healthcare workers deserve a serious thumbs up! We don’t give them enough credit for what they’re doing (not only now during lockdown, but all the time). The same applies to other essential professions.

Today is also Carmen’s birthday. She at her new home in New Zealand, with Ewan and their two boys. I am sure that this will be a memorable birthday for her – the first in Kiwi Land, and the first in a national lockdown. On the upside, a ton of money is saved because there can’t be a party, and she is with some of the people she loves most in the world.

On other news, I repacked my shoes and folded the clean laundry. There is still a mountain of mismatched socks, but I’ll get to them at some stage. I don’t see the point of wearing matching socks. It’s not like anybody really sees them.

Breakfast was a slice of toast, and late lunch was a hotdog and a non-alcoholic ale.

I took out mince, which I’ll be preparing tomorrow. Maybe a bolognaise or a curry of some sort. I have turmeric noodles that I bought months ago – I wonder now, curry bolognaisey something on those noodles? Yip, sounds like a plan.

Stay safe everyone!

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