Day 1: Coffee with Friends

I’m fortunate to be able to do my day-job work from home. It’s weird though, knowing that for 21 days I’m not going to see my colleagues. It’s not like I se them during my annual leave either, but this… this is different.

Last night with no warning, everything was eerily silent. Not a breath of wind, or the usual whir-whir of the neighbour’s kid’s skateboard wheels. It was deathly silent.

I’ve done quite a bit of work today, mainly reconciliations. Nikita has been busy with reports and other stuff (gathering from all the emails I’ve seen). Our boss said he doesn’t expect us to be glued to our PC’s all day and I suspect that as the lockdown goes on, the volume of work for us to do from home may decrease. It scares me, because knowing I must do work helps keep my sanity levels up, and my anxiety levels relatively stable.

I made a promise to myself that I would use this 21 days to spread some positivity through #ROAM’s Facebook Page by sharing something out of my own lockdown experience. Today I had coffee with friends.

I got this coffee mug as a gift for my 40th birthday last year, and today I shared it with you.

Some of my friends have a birthday today. I reckon it’s not necessarily a bad thing to turn older during the #SALockdown. They’re with their loved ones, and not having to spend money to entertain anyone. Above that, they’re still healthy. Given the situation, I think being healthy is the best gift anyone in the world can hope for right now.

I’m encouraging everyone to follow my page and share a picture in the comments. I think that in doing so, we will realise that we’re all in the same boat, and if we work together as a crew, we will not sink.

Sadly still, there are two people in the province I live in (the first in the country) that died. Both women, aged 28 and 48. We also have one confirmed case in my home town. You’d think that would be some kind of motivation to stay indoors, but no – there are still idiots walking their dogs (I witnessed this while having my coffee behind bars earlier today), and there are people on the local town group’s moaning about people on the beach.

When the work day’s done, I’m going to watch a series or a movie. Not sure what yet, but I’ve heard Safe is excellent. Given that we’re all ‘grounded’, a story about murder and missing kids within a gated community sounds like just what the doctor ordered. After all, we’re kind of living it, not so?

Until tomorrow, please readers and followers, if you’re under lockdown, stay home! If you’re in a country that’s not yet locked down, practice social distancing. Regardless of where you are, wash your hands, brush your teeth and BE KIND!

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