A Week in the Life of a Misfit Whovian Femme

I got my new passport on Monday! Judging by the photo, I look like the Godmother of a Mafia family. Seriously, the camera adds way more than 5lbs. Especially to my chin! If I was green, I could pass for a Raxacoricofallapatorian Slitheen. If you don’t know what that is, you need to find The Doctor, and soon!

I saw my psychiatrist last Tuesday. He is happy with my progress. I am too. I’ve worked hard to get from where I was to where I am now, and I’ve done it without having to kill anyone. He asked about how last year ended and was very encouraging when I told him about my Victoria Falls trip. While I was animatedly regaling the tale of the hippo at sunrise, and my extraordinary experience at The Devil’s Pool I told him my goal to visit at least four places this year (one of which I still want to be cross-border). He reminded me that the first quarter of this year ends next month. Suffice to say planning will be beginning shortly. I wanted to go to Johannesburg for the first weekend in March, to surprise Kendra for her 40th, but life has other plans – replacing tyres.

Friday night Elizabeth and I went for a bite to eat at Ocean Basket. It was a simple meal of fish, chips and rice, complemented by the view. I truly am blessed to live where I do.

This weekend I had a bit of a breather from freelance proofreading and copy-editing work. I finished what was pending, but no new jobs came in. This allowed me to catch up on some much-needed sleep on Saturday afternoon, and to spend some time with The Bean and The Toppie yesterday.

We went to a delightful place about a half hour’s drive from home called https://www.ruiterboschlodge.com/, which I will review later this evening. Afterwards, we had tea and cake at one of the local spots in town.

Last night I had sinus, thanks to the wind that has been blowing non-stop the past few days, so I opted to watch some episodes of #DrWho. I discovered a whole season of Matt Smith’s doctor that I haven’t seen yet.

Photo from http://www.geek.com

I wasn’t crazy about him as The Doctor, but the more I watch, the more he grows on me, but he’ll never be my favourite. That spot is reserved for David Tennant and his ‘two hearts beating out a samba’.

On the subject of hearts beating, mine has become the drumbeat to which I fall asleep at night. In true Whovian form, ‘the drums are coming closer and closer’. Friday signals the year anniversary of the trauma that sent me to the hospital. I think I shall be hibernating until it has passed.

On other news, I also discovered Fanta Grapefruit. I don’t understand how it can only be 150 calories, but contain 39g of sugar. It is quite refreshing, but as it’s imported, it’s darn expensive. I shall have to stick to Earl Grey when I need something la-di-dah.

Until later, have a great day!

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