Losing my Mind this Monday

It was back to work for me today after a three-week break. It was clearly a good one because even though I didn’t go away, I relaxed so much that when I had to login to my PC, I stared at the keyboard in utter horror. I called our IT administrator and told him it’s that awkward moment when you’ve come back to work and can’t remember your password. He laughed, stating my holiday was definitely too long.

This is so ridiculously funny, yet so accurate at the same time! 😀

Later I had another blank moment when the switchboard rang, and I needed to pick up because Rowena was in the factory. I found myself with sweaty palms as the phone kept ringing and I couldn’t remember the simple sequence of five-six-six to answer an external call from my office extension. The third thing to happen (as oddities usually do) is me telling Nikita I hope we’re not going to have the sales meeting today. She looked somewhat puzzled, because we’ve been meeting on Thursdays for over two months now. On a side note, at what age does one’s mind wander off?

But, I am pleased to say the day wasn’t a killer. I had a reasonably full inbox to work through, and quite a few enquiries, but at the end of the day, much of the backlog that came in during my holiday had been dealt with. Admittedly a mid-afternoon nap would have been great, but it was Carla to the rescue with a double-shot Flat White from the local Mugg & Bean.

One of the shareholders brought someone to look at some of the ostrich skins we sell, and the latter commented on my friendliness. It may seem like nothing to some of you reading this, but it meant a lot to me because even though I know my personality is my best trait, it’s nice to hear that someone appreciates it.

Everyone seems to be cheerful to be back at work and ready for the challenges that lie ahead. It’s early in the year though, so by the end of March we may be a little frayed at the edges but as is custom, soldiering on. We have great camaraderie amongst the team which makes hard days easier to deal with. There is always someone willing to listen to a vent, or crack a corny joke to get a smile out of you.

I thought to visit Chanté later but she can’t, so failing that, I am going to take a walk with Elizabeth, even if only for a half hour. There’ll be salad of some sort for dinner, or a shake, because good lawdy, Miss Maudy, it is just too hot to cook. Besides, my flat resembles a space battered by compounded natural disasters. Roll on Friday, when Cleaning Angel Sara is back from her holiday.


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