Dreams Do Come True

Depending on one’s personal beliefs, one may believe in Karma – that things happen to you because of what you did to (or for) someone in the past, or that everything happens in a perfect time pre-ordained by God, or that something is a mere stroke of random luck.

The owner of a UK-based digital marketing company and I have been connected on Facebook for yonks, and while photos are liked, and posts are shared, we’d not been in touch with each other one-on-one for decades.  The last time we’d physically seen each other, we were both tweens, trying to end up as cool elementary school seniors.  She contacted me late December last year on Messenger giving me a quick outline of her business and asked me if I’d be interested in joining her team.  At first, I thought I was seeing things, so I polished my glasses again for good measure.  Nope, I had indeed read correctly in my perfect spectacled vision.  My reply was of course, and arrangements were made to set up a call this past week to further discuss the opportunity.

The call lasted a little short of an hour, and Angelique shared that she has been reading my posts for almost two years, and that it was (quote) quite silly really (unquote) not to have approached me earlier.  Truth be told, if she had, I would likely have grabbed the opportunity, but admittedly I wouldn’t have been ready.  I believe that a Higher Power knew that and that’s why it didn’t happen.  I was a wreck after my major depressive episode last year and everything in my life suffered as a result, but I’ve made a comeback with the help of my parents, my therapist (and his prescriptions), my employer, my colleagues and my friends.

Aside from being as excited as a Santa-believing kid at Christmas, I am also extremely humbled.  Many of my closest friends know that one of my biggest dreams has been to be paid to write.  Sure, I did an article for Travelista Club about Jakkalsvlei Winery a long while ago here, but it was once-off work.  I’m not sure what happened with the upload because I can tell you I sure as sugar’s sweet, I didn’t write it nine years before I was born #technogremlins

I told The Bean first, and then Yasmin because she too is pursuing her own writer’s dream.  Eliza and Elizabeth got to hear the news too, along with Charlie.  All of them offered me hearty congratulations, but the reaction that touched me the most was Elena’s.  When I told her, over a long-awaited flat white and breakfast pizza, she teared up (as I am now at the memory) and cried into her bagel, telling me that she is not only happy for me, but proud too.  The sincerity of her heart made me realize just how fortunate I am to have the people in my life that I do.

The Big Picture is ideally to have some travel-related job that will allow me to write about my adventures, but knowing that someone that deals with content daily says you’re a good writer means more to me than most of you might know.  So, #shoutout to Angelique for believing in me – I believe this is the start of great things.

So followers, friends and random people on the internet that I may or may not meet one day, it’s official.  I am the newest member of the freelance writers’ team at Noisy Digital.  To begin with I will be writing one or two short five hundred word articles a month and as I become more comfortable and confident, I will move on to longer pieces.  Reflections of a Misfit is now a registered domain, so there will be some changes to my blog/website to give it a more professional feel, but fear not – it will still contain the content you’ve all grown to love from me.  All I know is that this is the start of something bigger than I can possibly imagine.  And I am READY!