Cape St. Blaize Lighthouse

As the lighthouse high on Cape St. Blaize winks and watches Mossel Bay was the opening line of my primary school’s anthem. Today I finally got to see that view for myself.

Eliza, her two sons and I visited the iconic beacon this afternoon, climbing two ladders and a set of semi-swirly steps right to the top. It was an experience to say the least. Eliza’s eldest son, Alex (going on 7 in April) became increasingly scared as he climbed the ladder, whereas youngest brother, Ricky (aged 3) trotted up at breakneck speed, completely fearless. He even told the person manning the office, “I’m Ricky. I (am) going to (the) lighthouse.”

Both boys had their mother’s nerves frayed. Alex overcame his fear climbing right to the top, even standing outside for a few seconds.

Ricky on the other hand was running around a bit having his mother in shrieking fits of “Come away there, you could fall down and die.”

Not exactly the words Alex needed to hear, but let me tell you, blog followers, Alex was so brave today. Yes, he needed a helping hand getting up and down, but he forged on like a real trooper. I am not sure who was prouder of his bravery: his mother or this “aunty P”.

The view from the water from top of what was originally called the Wodehouse Lighthouse is spectacular. The wind on the other hand is not. Had I not had my hair tied in a ponytail, it would have resembled a stunning bird’s nest.

The new zipline, the longest in the world over the ocean, is also visible from the top of the tower.

Visiting the lighthouse is not a thrilling experience, but it is worth a visit. There is a myriad of information available about this specific lighthouse, as well as some others in South Africa.

The entrance fee is ZAR 16 (just short of a single US Dollar) and ZAR 8 (almost fifty US cents) for kids. There was no fee for Ricky, who was the most excited of our quartet.

Spot the family of four…

As we left, we saw dassies (rock hyraxes) and suddenly I realized that my glasses were not on my face. Fortunately we rushed back and I found them, otherwise I might have been singing an anthem of my own, it’s first line being: “As Fabulously Forty as you are, you need your specs to clip your bra.”

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