What’s Been Happening

So, remember the list of goals I made last week? Well, I have ticked off at least one – the renewal application of my passport. I sat at Home Affairs for a while yesterday as they were offline, but once they were back on, the process was dealt with quickly. In seven to fourteen days I will have my new passport, so should a trip come across my path, I can grab it with both hands.

I’ve also managed to read a book. Public Confessions of a Middle Aged Woman by British author Sue Townsend had me laughing out loud quite a few times.


I’m busy with The Highfire Crown (the first of a six-book series) by local authors JT Lawrence and MJ Kraus, and so far I’m enjoying it.


On Sunday I went to a local swimming hole with friends and after only an hour and twenty minutes there, I not only moved more, but I got some sun. Fortunately I didn’t roast, but I do have some colour. Hopefully the tan gods will be good to me and allow me to turn a darker shade of white, rather than peel and become translucent again. The joys of ridiculously fair skin…

Today Carla treated me to a coffee-tasting experience at a Brothers Coffee in Great Brak. For a person who abhors black coffee, even more so sans sugar, I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I learned a lot. Next time I drink freshly brewed coffee, I will appreciate it, because the process behind it, is quite extraordinary. Sadly I left my phone at home, so didn’t get to take photos, meaning I will have to go back at some stage. Maybe I can rope in some of my java-lovin’ girl friends and make an outing of it.

Tomorrow Eliza, her boys and I are going to visit Cape St. Blaize Lighthouse. I am ashamed to admit that I have lived in Mossel Bay for over thirty years and that I’ve never visited the iconic beacon that aids seafarers on their journey. I do know some of the history thanks to the ghost walk excursion I did with some writer friends last year.


Also something I want to do is the latest addition to touristy things to do in our little town: the zipline. It is the longest zipline across the ocean – 1.1 Km (1,8 miles). It is due to open next week, but I’m going to wait a bit until it has had a few people on it. While I’m adventurous, I’m also a sissy in some aspects. I’d also like to be at least two stone lighter than I am now; the key to this moving more and eating better. I did venture into the local store and left with tomatoes, a head of lettuce and a cucumber. When I got home and put them in the fridge, I heard the braaibroodjie leftovers whispering what the fuck because let’s face it, braaibroodjies are damn legit, even when they’re cold.


That’s all from this Fabulously-Forty-Something for now; I think all the caffeine I consumed this afternoon has awoken the monster that resides in my tummy. I’ve had a pot of Earl Grey, but it has done nothing to placate the ravenous beast. Fortunately I’m at my favourite restaurant, so I’m going to order food. Fast – before the fiend decides to burst through my navel expecting to die at the hands of Sigourney Weaver.

I’ll post about our visit to the lighthouse later this week. Until then, be safe and keep the all Aussies, both human and animal in your thoughts and prayers.


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