Review: Sekelbos Restaurant

I’ve been seeing daily ads in my Facebook newsfeed for a place called Sekelbos Restaurant, so decided to take The Bean there yesterday for a light bite. Sekelbos, as explained to us by our polite waitress (whose name I didn’t get) is a type of wood that is said to burn for ages, but never to ash.

The location is not grand – it is smack bang in the middle of the industrial area, but it is an absolutely charming little place, with solid, down-to-earth fare, affordable to even those of us who are a little strapped for cash during this January and its one thousand days.

Having only been open since July, the lady who served us said they are doing very well. If I worked in the area, I’d definitely stop in for a bite often, rather than eat at my desk. They also do deliveries in the area, which is a great marketing advantage.

The décor reminds me of an old Afrikaner farm house, with its collection of vintage tins on the shelf above the bar, and the beautiful tea sets on display.

The theme throughout the restaurant is Afrikaans, with even the menu being so. The toilets are marked Doringbos (Thorn Bush) for the blokes, and Fynbos (Fine Bush) for the ladies.

Both bos types are indigenous to South Africa (the plants, I mean ;)). Even if you don’t speak the taal, don’t be put off – the service is professional, yet personal at the same time, and the food is tasty. Just looking at their weekly Sunday lunch advert on the menu board had me salivating. Each Sunday something different is served, keeping the patrons coming back for more.

The Bean opted for the homemade mushroom burger and chips, while I had a Monte Christo sandwich. The latter is also the name of an up-market housing development in the area. The most expensive item on the menu is the Allegartjie (Mixed Grill) for R129.

The Bean’s burger was delicious, with two patties, and a secret-recipe mushroom sauce. My sandwich was a good ol’ ham ‘n cheese, dipped in egg and fried until crisp and golden. The Chai latte I drank was one of the best I’ve had in a long time.

What I like about the place as well is that it offers a loyalty card, which after ten visits allows you a discount on your bill. The only other eateries I know of in our area that offer loyalty cards are franchises.

They’re open till 9PM every evening, except Sundays, when they close at 3PM.

If you’re in the area, looking for a quick, home-style meal in a comfortable, casual setting, then Sekelbos Restaurant may be right up your alley.

We’ll definitely be back – even if only for the carrot- or cheesecake that they bake themselves and freshly brewed java.

Rating is 4.5 out of 5.

*All photos are my own*

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