2020 is Here

New year, new decade…no resolutions, just goals:

Blog more and grow my blog and Facebook following.  My dream is to establish Reflections of a Misfit as a brand of sorts.

Drink more water and get some sun, because according to some memes, I’m nothing more than a houseplant with complicated emotions.


I’ve already decided what the theme for my birthday, which is nine months and twenty days away, is going to be.  I would love to say that it came to me in a dream, but the truth is that a friend shared something on WhatsApp that spurned the wheels of creativity.

Take four trips this year, one of which must be one that requires saving, planning and a passport. My passport expires in August, so I will be getting it renewed next week.  Home Affairs in our area is really on the ball, so it will be dealt with quickly.

Post one thing every day on my personal Facebook feed that I’m grateful for #projectgratitude365

Read more books!  It’s a great escape and relatively inexpensive too.

Less murderous thoughts, more action.  I’ve watched enough reruns of CSI, Criminal Minds, Bones and Castle to know how to dispose of a body.

Be more active – whether this means going to the gym, walking somewhere instead of driving, shadow boxing, swimming or whatever else burns calories.  In short:  move more!

Make new friends.  Not because mine aren’t amazing, but because they sometimes leave and while technology helps us stay in touch, it’s not the same.  I realized this when Carmen and Ewan emigrated to New Zealand a few months ago.  I miss that personal interaction, even if it was just to sit and chinwag over random boring stuff.

Be more patient with myself, and to be more mindful of self-talk, because the conversations we have with ourselves are some of the most important we will have.

That’s it for now.

Hope you’re all enjoying this stunning day 🙂

4 thoughts on “2020 is Here

  1. granny1947 January 3, 2020 / 8:45 am

    Good luck with all those plans.
    Mine are not so lofty.
    I just want to keep breathing until December!!!

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