News of the Gorilla and the Mouse

Because it incites some kind of negative emotion in me, I try to avoid listening to- or watching the news. Every Friday though, just before I head out of my office to enjoy some down-time, I check the headlines. There were a few this week that had me doing a double-take and thinking WTF?

I had seen some posts of about the gorilla debacle, but I wasn’t entirely sure what it was all about. Later I found out that a kid had somehow fallen into Harambe’s enclosure and as a result, to protect the child, the animal had been shot. As the week has progressed I realized that this is somewhat a newsworthy story given the debate it has sparked about zoos, the safety of the patrons visiting them, animal rights and what not. Then I saw this, shared by a friend, in my newsfeed and thought (and bear in mind, I’m not a parent) at last, someone with a brain! But as is par for the course, if we as humans don’t have something to go ape about, we’ll sure as hell find a reason.


Another thing that sparked a great deal of exposure on social media was the story of a woman who bought herself a pie (first mistake because even without the added rodent-calories, it is going to either attach itself to your hips, or your ass) at Woolworths – which in SA is quite an elite place to shop- in which she happened to find a dead mouse. According to reports she went straight back to the shop and after waiting an hour for the manager (during which time she “vomited in the bathroom” – Thank the Pope for that; we wouldn’t want a “clean up in aisle 5” now would we?) who refunded her money and gave her an additional amount to see a doctor. So far what we’ve been made privy to is that the mouse wasn’t baked into the pie (well hallelujah and jingle bells for that!), but that it somehow got in after the pie came out the oven. From the photos it looks to be true because the mouse doesn’t look like it was quite just ready to be offed at the Crematorium of Baked Goods. I’m just wondering how the little blighter got into the pie. I’m assuming if he had gnawed his way into his steak and kidney shroud, there would be some kind of visible evidence. The retailer is giving the issue of a “foreign object” the necessary attention. A worm in or on a piece of fruit I can understand, because it does speak to some level of responsible (not-too-much-pesticide) farming, but a mouse in a pie? Some people have accused the pie-purchaser of putting the mouse in there herself to obtain compensation from the retailer. I will admit that I have considered all sort of things at times that finances have been a bit tight, but pie-al-rodenté is not one of them.

It is quite bizarre really.

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