It is said that some people come into our lives for a season.  Sometimes the season passes, but footprints are left in one’s heart.  One such friend of mine is D.  Yes, that is how I was introduced to her and for a long while I honestly thought her name was Dee.  Turns out her name was Dalene.  We were quite close at the time I was dating a former colleague of hers, with whom she was friends.

There is much I can say about D, but in summary:  Hard-working-single-mother; tough as nails, dynamite.  We reconnected on Facebook a while ago and every so often, she’d comment on one of my posts.  I learned recently that she’d moved back to the area, with her daughter.  She and another friend started up a family restaurant, which I must still pay a visit.

When D and I still saw each other often, I was fortunate to meet her mother, who I was told was “Moeksie”, a colloquial term for “Mother”.  I only ever spoke to Moeksie the day I met her, telling her a bit about myself, particularly my love of writing and my dream to become a best-selling author.  She listened attentively and some weeks after I received a text message from an unknown number telling me to stay focused on my writing and keep the dream alive.  It was signed “Love, Louise”.  I was confused because I have a cousin with the same name.  I remember asking when she’d changed her number and the reply was “No, it’s Louise.  Dalene’s mom.  Moeksie…”  That message is something I never forgot, even though years have passed and for a time D and I lost touch.

D shared news earlier this week on social media (because her mom was well-loved by so many) that her mom had taken ill and had been hospitalized.  Various scans were done on a comatose Moeksie, and after discussion between the family members, it was decided to switch the life support off.  I find myself extremely saddened by this news; because I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it is to have to make such a decision, and also because it reminds me that the time I have with my mother (and my father) is drawing to a close.

D, may you and your family draw strength during this incredibly difficult time.  Your mom’s memory will live on in the hearts of many, I know.

Moeksie, thank you for touching my heart that day with your message; for your motivation and care.  Heaven has received another special angel.

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