A Stash Box…of Coffee!

A while ago I entered a competition on Facebook, not really thinking I’d win – after all, those comment and share things spread like wildfire, but surprise, surprise, I did win.  And this was my prize!


I wouldn’t class myself as a coffee snob, but when it comes to Java, I will rather drink tea before I drink certain coffee (with added chicory) brands.  In my non-snob opinion, such brands are not coffee; they are coffee-wannabes.  Granted, during office hours, I cannot drink my preferred type of coffee – Irish with proper Jameson whiskey, but I have an amazing boss who understands me and thus shares his 100% coffee granules with me and now I can return the favour 🙂

My favourite by far is the Irish Cream (no brainer there!), but I will admit that the Cinnamon Hazelnut is proving to be a close second, especially as the South African nights are cooling down.

For a while though, I reckon I am stocked with a true coffee treat, that’s tasty, fun and…only two calories per cup!  Thanks Beanies!

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