We All Need One…

Life today is stressful.  Let’s face it.  Unless you’re in the very tiny percentage of multimillionaires in the world, something is going to place you under pressure.  Best way to relieve stress, in my opinion, is to have a hobby.  For me, it is writing or reading or colouring in.  For my friend, Jessica, it’s baking.  For another friend, Warren, it’s taking a walk on the beach.  Some people’s hobbies have them creating something.  My online friend, Amelia created a number of drawings which have been compiled into an adult colouring book called Happy Colouring.  She also makes beautiful homemade cards.  Another friend of mine in the States loves scrapbooking.  Everybody should have a leisure pastime that diverts their attention from the rat race of life.

For my dad it is recycling plastic bottles (that would otherwise end up in a landfill somewhere) into bird feeders, which he sells to supplement his pension.  The first few resulted in some mishaps and even injuries – the perches not setting because the cement mixture wasn’t exactly right, burning himself with the soldering iron, supergluing his fingers together and then burning the soldering iron clean out because he forgot to unplug it! But, he has mastered his trade and is really enjoying tinkering about in his workshop with his new-found interest.  Coupled with the feel-good factor of making a contribution to saving the environment, he is a winner 🙂

Bird Feeders

I know he’d be really keen to know what people “out there in the internet world web” (as he calls it) think of his creations, so please drop me a comment.  I believe it will only motivate him more!  I’m thinking of having him put them up for sale online, but I’m not really sure what platforms would be the best.  Any advice?

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